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Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in reference to the article I read in the September 2nd, 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated titled Hot Wheels. After reading the article I feel that I still have some questions that were unanswered about Danica Patrick and her Auto Racing Career. For some reason I was puzzled after reading this article becaus ...view middle of the document...

I do not know to much about the sport itself, but in the article it never stated if there was ever a professional race car driver that was a woman. I feel that it is great to see a young woman interested in what seems to be a sport primarily run by the men in today's society. Do you think that Danica Patrick will ever make it to the Indy 500? I feel that would be a great accomplishment for woman kind, and it will also prove to society that a woman can do something just as good as a man.I feel that racing a car professionally is an extremely hard thing to do and if Danica feels she could accomplish her goal in getting to the Indy 500 she would be looked at as a hero. This situation may open people's eyes and turn some heads because if this girl can do it then why can't other girls do it. And if more women get involved with auto racing throughout the years then maybe it will be fully accepted by everyone in society.


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2105 words - 9 pages Free Jason Gouin 2/13/18 Ethics in sport Professor Condon Since the creation of Title IX, most issues have been fixed but there are many more issues in the sports industry that need to be looked at. Looking back and reading about the past you really have learned a lot about the culture and atmosphere of female athletes and coaches in the past. With many female athletes being looked down to many of the male athletes, women always had to compete at a

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571 words - 3 pages different about fighting her, how she was so easily overpowered and the hits were just more powerful, and how the grip of Fox was harder to move in and out of like she normally would be able to. In some sports such as running there is no physical contact. A transgender will have an obvious advantage but no one will get hurt. In fighting there should be a different argument to protect the other biological women in the ring. This topic is obviously very

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1673 words - 7 pages Free , arguing that segregation…’ Comment by Rafferty, Maximilia: Nice! Funding has a huge impact on sports and the outcome of competitions and it is clear to see that there is a difference in the amount of funding between men and women sports. F The funding relates to the amount of revenue the sport can generate, looking at football, it is a highly commercialised sport that generates a significant amount of money resulting in highly paid salaries. The

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3122 words - 13 pages Free 1 It has taken many years for women to gain some sort of equality in sports. Throughout history, women have been both excluded from playing sports and discriminated against in sports. Men’s sports have always dominated the college athletic field, but women were finally given a fighting chance after Title IX was passed, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. Title IX, amongst other things, requires scholarships to be equally balanced

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2165 words - 9 pages being. Because of the lack of mainstream information regarding transgender identities, transgender youth often have to fight external and internal factors to reach peace, but have to do so without knowing that there is terminology to describe their experiences (Levitt and Ippolito). Transgender politics in sports is even less studied and discussed than the spectrum of identities, itself. From 1968 to 2000, women competing in the Olympics were

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568 words - 3 pages . Some will argue that men have a biological advantage over women in sports because they are physically larger and stronger than women. Although chess is a sport, it is not a physical one. Chess is a game of strategy and logic which is accessible to all intellectuals, men and women alike. T

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649 words - 3 pages masculinity. As he writes there are specific premises that are represented in ads about masculinity and violence. The first one is the notion that violence is genetically programmed male behavior. This notion is justified by ads showing historical events that were lead by powerful and violent and dangerous men. Some ads also show scenarios that involve violence against other ethnic groups or women. The second premise is concerned with the military and

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771 words - 4 pages . The feminist revolution that shaped our world. During this time period, women were blocked from participating in the promise of America's society. Activist historian, Ruth Rosen, states, “We knew nothing about women.” Finally, they started to open their eyes. Three main issues women had to deal with was over, reproductive rights, sexual harassment, and equal opportunity in employment and education. Women had been placed in stereotypical roles

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958 words - 4 pages of leather. Matches are generally played by two teams of eleven by eleven. Today sports serve as an instrument for many social and cultural problems. Kenya, for example is a country that has a good reputation earned through her sportsmen and women, especially the athletes in middle and long-distance running. In recent years, Kenya has gone through some hardship mainly caused by insecurity like terrorism, causing people to be wary of Muslims and


334 words - 2 pages The Heartbreak Kid centres on the coming of age relationship between a teacher and a wild and spirited student. The teacher, Christiana Poppadpolis jolts the young man Nick Polides sexuality beyond belief. This story is in the Australian-Greek life upbringing which Nick is shown the truth about street life. Christiana is locked into traditions of how women are restricted into Greek traditions of women in the work place. Also how she commits

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443 words - 2 pages some other structure. One of the most popular sports in the world, basketball is played by men and women of all ages and ability levels in more than 200 countries."³ It is very easy to play basketball all you need is a ball. There are basketball hoops all over BC where you can play whenever you want or you could go into a recreational centre and play in open gym."³ Basketball is a very competitive sport where the only way to get better

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5854 words - 24 pages culture may embrace, Norway's population recognizes competition and measuring strength as the least important motive for being healthy (Nicholson et al., 2011, p. 63).Even though the Norwegian's claim to disregard competition and muscular dominance, masculinity tends to play a role in sporting participation. The men tend to participate in performance based sports, whereas the women tend to participate in leisurely activities ("Sports", 2013).Men's

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2805 words - 12 pages the ololyge cry when animal and human sacrifices were made by the priest. Another difference regards women’s participation in sports. The Greek society had a division in the genders in a way that women were discouraged from participating in athletics and other forms of sport. In stopping women from engaging in any sport, strict laws were enacted (Elmira, 1). In the state of Ellis where Olympic games were held, any woman caught in the Olympic


1130 words - 5 pages media and sports (French 1999). Next, statistics relating to women's' work opportunities will be examined.In addition, Connell's statement that women are perceived as subordinate is proved by statistical information related to female's employment opportunities and equality. According to the statistics, females earn only 65 per cent of male's earnings. Furthermore, it is shown that women are responsible for the majority of unpaid labour in

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501 words - 3 pages those two city-states, Sparta should definitely be the one they chose. Sparta is far superior to Athens because their army was fierce and protective, girls received some education and women had more freedom than in other poleis. First, the army of Sparta was the strongest fighting force in Greece. Beginning at the age of 7, young boys were sent from their families to live in military barracks (Spielvogel, 2006). They were treated harshly to make