Women Rights. Why Women Should Be Treated Euqaly. English, Grade 7 Speech

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“Women”, when I use that word, what do you think of? When I say “women”, I think of strong, powerful and educated people. But in countries all over the world, like in Afghanistan, they think of women as a nuisance, a disgrace and a waste of skin. And that’s not right! All around the world, even as I speak, women are getting beaten, screamed at and are at home because they are not allowed to go to school!
Today I am going to be talking to you about violence and discrimination against women, girls’ lack of education , and a little bit about Malala; an advocate for women’s freedom.
What is violence towards women? Well it’s not just a punch and a kick then we’re done here, no! It can be a beating or hammering with a gun or even in worse cases, having acid thrown at their faces!
Violence includes,
Physical abuse: Scratching, kicking, hitting, and throwing.
Emotional/verbal abuse: Embarrassing you on purpose in public, yelling and screaming at you.
Forcing you to work and then you don’t get the money, taking your money.
Sexual abuse. Forcing someone to commit to sexual acts.
…”Um, excuse me, do you know where I can get a job?” “What? A women! You make me laugh! What kind of world do we live in? Sadly, the real world. All around the world there`s discrimination that prevents women from going to school, getting a job, showing their face, driving, marring who they want, and speaking. Many women and young girls want to work and go...

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