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Women's Rights Are Still An Important Topic

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In the 20th century, women as a whole made great strides towards achieving equality in society. No longer were women banned from a proper education, voting, receiveing birht control, or having an abotrion. Women were even protected from the abuse of their husbands with strict laws regarding spousal abuse and rape. By the end of the 1970's, a new term had been coined to describe people concerned with women's rights and concerns: feminism. Today, however, conservative talk show host and sophomoric teen comedies have turned this word into a stereotype that unfairly characterizes anyone supporting womens rights as a mean-spirited, vengeful, man-hater. When hearing such garbage, I wonder how many people have actually looked at the definition of the word "feminism." Here is the term defined in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary:Fem-i-nism, noun, 1. the theroy of the political, economic, and social equality of both sexes; 2. organized activity on the befalf of ...view middle of the document...

Yet much of the male student body that I know feel that sexual harassment is a non-issue that does not play a big role in there school. Should someone be condemed for simply defending a women's right to be free from assult in a supposedly safe place? Society as a whole seems to have also forgotten about feminism in recent times. Women are being portrayed more and more in movies and TV as a weak side-kick or a damsel in distress. The few programs or movies that attempt to buck this trend are forced into making an overly sexual character, or fail outright to popular appeal. Music television, as well, features ore and more sexually eploitive images from all different facets of popular music in hope of attracting a bigger audience. Is it wrong to wish for a stronger portrayal of women in entertainment?Even fashion has gone against women in the past few years. Many popular store brands are featuring overly provocative and suggestive clothing for younger women. This is not to say that women should be forced to dress in a Burkas when out in public, but when an eleven youar old girl feels that they have to wear low-rider jeans and a low cut blouse in order to attract men and be accepted sociably, society is obviously heading in the wrong direction.Why asre feminists so unfairly hated, and why are women still facing discrimination in this day and age? The answer is a complex and intricate one that many sociologists are still trying to figure out. Why so many double standards and inequities exist in this country may never be known, but failure to organize or take action may be exacerbation the problem. Even here in out community, the newly formed Women's club was renamed this year and their mission statement changed after the members of the club felt like their involvement of the organization was leading to prejudical remarks and harassment from manny in the student body.It is time to re-examine all of our roles, whether it be as a student, a teacher, or even just an informed citizen, to the problems facing women.Perhaps it is time to let go of stereotypes, get past bias, and start to think of feminism for what it really is and what thoes acting in support of it can accomplish. We are all in this together, and the more respect and tolerance for one another, the better we all may be.

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