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The opening of glamorous clubs, endless drinking, flappers, and jazzy music all took place in the roaring twenty's. The 1920s were one of the most moving time changes around the world to everyone. People had more freedom and seemed to have more fun. Advanced inventions, such as electricity, helped extend time for more work and fun. Even the radio changed the lives of everyone by bringing people together through communication, jokes, and music. While everything else was changing in the 1920s, the women were also changing by their style of fashion, their leisure of time, their amount of education, and the fight for equality.During the Jazz Age, the flapper dress was born, which showed ...view middle of the document...

The ones that were in clerical work had to be respectable, wear white collars, and primarily were available to whites. They provided the opportunity for a new ideology that recognized work outside of the home, but separated that work from the idea of a career so valued by the Nineteenth and early twentieth century of new women seeking economic independence. Women still had to subject themselves to more restrictions than men to inherent double standards. Even though women spent time working for money, they also spent time away from home by having fun. A lot of the women would go out alone with men and would drink, be merry, and be free (Wukovits 143). Most of that time, they would go clubbing, dancing, and singing. The 1920s was the time that gave the women what they always wanted to be able to live a good life for themselves.The nature of women's work began to change by their attendance in college and becoming important people such as teachers, doctors, and lawyers. The image of a modern working girl joined the youthful independence and consumer orientation to become an ideal college girl that needed "personality" to get ahead. Eventually, educators prepared women for longer roles in the public sphere and in an environment. By the 1920s the pace of expansion in professional openings for women over-rated job creation in the clerical sector (Wukovits 149). The number of female physicians, surgeons, and dentists decreased because thousands of women moved into the professions. Middle-class women were suggested to be suitable to work in health and education and were also popular with girl scouts, including the upper class girls. All of these changes during the 1920s mirrored the feminization of the labor force and the demand for better educated female workers.One woman that made a huge difference in being capable of education in the 1920's was Helen Keller. She was banished permanently from the world because she was blind, deaf, and mute. As a child she would be demanding because she did not know anything about discipline, never was able to get along with her family because she did not feel welcomed or loved, and wanted to learn but felt like she was not able to. Her teacher would not give up on her and was determined to teach Helen discipline, sign language, and repressing symbols into her hands (Herrmann 55). Even though her teacher tried her best to teach Helen, she still never understood and would also go into rage. Finally the teacher made a last attempt and poured water over Helen's hands and spelled water (Herrmann xiii). Helen understood and wanted to learn more about everything that she touched. Later she graduated from Radcliffe cum laude, with honors. She helped set up the American Foundation for the Blind and then joined the suffragettes. She was no longer deaf to the words of the world, nor blind to the things in it and overcame her fears and challenges by taking on the worlds. Helen Keller showed that women were able to do anything e...


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2225 words - 9 pages appropriately cited footnote, endnote or reference note is solely mine. Matthew Bannon Attachment Executive Summary Affirmative Action has been a debated all throughout its an implantation back in the early in the 1960’s. The ultimate goal was to create equality for women and minorities in the workplace. This paper aims to discuss the positives and negatives that affirmative action has brought to the United States. Ultimately, the goal was to

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2162 words - 9 pages abolition.Affirmative action has been defined as the taking of positive steps by means of legislative reform and management programmes, in order to achieve demonstrable progress towards equal employment opportunity. Affirmative action is an attempt to redistribute economic power by forcing employers to give preference to women. As with all schemes of distributing justice, choice is taken from individuals and given to social planners. It has not cured sex

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2149 words - 9 pages recognized within the American society. It meant being recognized but also meant taking part in the campaigns and politics of the country. The Declaration of Sentiments looked a lot like the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, it was inspired by it hence its format and size. The aftermath of WWII is considered as the second wave of feminism. Indeed, the second wave started in the 1960s driven by the civil rights movements. Women decided to react

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1061 words - 5 pages fetus also can't feel the abortion 20 weeks and before. The fetus also wouldn't be able to go through emotional distress. "Personhood begins at birth, not at conception." Termination of pregnancy (abortion) is not the termination of a baby, which is not murder.Many people say that expecting mothers use abortion as birth control. There are women who are actually taking birth control when they are pregnant. They are on the pill or the shot and still

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1606 words - 7 pages : political, productive, social, and reproductive. Women were only briefly part of the social role and were mainly given the reproductive role which confined them to raising children and taking care of their households and husbands. Susan Glaspell, a writer in the early twentieth century, lived in that time. As a result, most of Glaspell’s drama criticizes society’s restricting view of women. This is shown through her play “Trifles.” Glaspell adds

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1448 words - 6 pages Free twentieth century, women did not have much of a voice in society, especially when men were present. Perhaps this is why Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters solved the murder-mystery while the men were not present in the action. As the play progresses, the two women become increasingly aware of more and more clues as to the solution to the motive. "Mrs. Peters, look at this one...and look at the sewing! All the rest of it has been so nice and even. And look

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2805 words - 12 pages (Student number) 1 Student name: Student number: Unit code: Unit title: College affiliation: Tutor: Date due: Introduction The roles of men and women have been changing in this era of affirmative action; women can almost do as much as men can. However, it has not always been this cozy for the female population. More often than not, women were seen as inferior in many cultures around the world, and ancient Greece and Rome were no

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5782 words - 24 pages done. I will also look at another genre of films with women having the leading part - action movies with their heroines - and discuss what has been said about the role of women in these films. I have done a lot of research in order to find written material about films similar to Fried Green Tomatoes, but the film seems to be quite exceptional, so I could not find any critics who had placed it within a certain genre. What I have had to look at has

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3382 words - 14 pages movement addressed education, social segregation and voting rights. The efforts of civil rights activists and countless protesters of all races brought about legislation to end segregation, black voter suppression and discriminatory employment and housing practices. Affirmative action was the outcome of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement intended to provide equal chances for minority groups and women in employment and education. The earliest

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1232 words - 5 pages would die every year due to starvation. In Robert Engelman’s book “Moving Towards Sustainable Prosperity,” he talks about the many steps we can take to slow the world population growth without taking any drastic measures, such as getting rid of many financial reward programs and incentives provided by the government, educating women about making better reproductive choices, and furthering human rights to equally serve both men and women. In


2241 words - 9 pages reached a crucial point in our history.On the one hand, the strengths of our movement are obvious: it has become an important force of our time, and it has also succeeded in providing services and support for some women's immediate needs. Thousands of women see themselves as part of the movement; a vaguely defined "women's consciousness" has been widely diffused through rap groups, demonstrations, action projects, counter-institutional activity

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650 words - 3 pages behavior, such as unwanted sexual advances and general disrespect towards women, is repeatedly portrayed as normal. The media has overtaken the society as far as how I raise my family and how I live my life, but I do think there are some protective measures that need to once again be put back in action. I believe the more TV you watch, the more television becomes a reality.

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2105 words - 9 pages Free arguments are inseparable—in the women’s formulation, equal pay for equal play. Money is respect”. I think this is showing to the public that even in professional sports, there are still problems between the equality of men and women in sports. Yes Title IX has helped fix some of the equality between men and women in sports but could you say it's getting worse if now the U.S. national team is taking action ? I personally think this is really

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1705 words - 7 pages , which have contracts with the government valued greater than $50,000. In general, government contractors must agree to non-discrimination policies and submit a written affirmative action plan, and an employer must show that its workforce is sufficiently diverse concerning women and minorities. Under-representation and under-utilization is defined by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), as "having fewer minorities or women in a

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761 words - 4 pages Aaron Moses 4/24/17 Global History 2 Period 6 Was the Rape of Nanjing an Act of Genocide? The Nanjing Massacre is said to be one of the worst incidents of mass extermination that occurred during World War II on December 13, 1937. It is also known as “The Rape of Nanking,” where in a duration of six weeks, over 260,000 Chinese civilian lives were lost to Japanese soldiers. Men and women were tortured, raped, sexually mutilated, and murdered in