Essay On Women Warriors: Myth Or Reality

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Women as Warriors. This is an attempt by the author to answer the question of whether women fought in wars alongside men in the early medieval period. It was writtain from the viewpoint of animal behavior and uses some illustrations from animal behavior to argue points.The author originally wrote the piece as an article for publication in a re-enctment societies in-house journal.Thanks to a recent episode of Time Team on televison, the argument about women warriors has reared its head once more. What is below is not an argument for the banning of female members of our re-enactment society from taking the field, just my thoughts as to how realistic the idea of a female warrior fight ...view middle of the document...

The deeper voice evolved in order to protect the males who would normally get involved in courtship battles or land disputes from harm. The bigger you are as a male the bigger the chest cavity to fit in the bigger organs etc. This means that when you shout (or, in the case of Red Deer, bellow) the sound resonates longer and is lower in pitch.The Red Deer when about to enter a battle will bellow at each other, the roars start out slowly and build in speed, the winner is the deer who can roar loudest and fastest - this is an indicator of your lung size, big lungs = big chest = big guy(deer, seal, walrus etc), the loser meanwhile walks away unharmed.If the deer decide they are evenly matched they walk toward each other and begin to walk in the same direction, many fights end here, because at this point the deer get to look closely at each other, is the opponent bigger? Older? Younger? Wounded? Look healthy? Once these questions are answered and the deer still wish to fight then they lock antlers and begin to push against each other. Body weight and footwork are the keys to victory, but the stags may get injured (remember those antlers?). It is unusual for an old stag to have both eyes, one may have been gouged out in one of his earlier fights in a previous year, and sometimes the stag may kill his opponent if one of the antlers gets broken and the sharp edge rammed in to a weak spot like the eye or throat.Some of you now are wondering where I am going and are probably saying things like 'Very interesting, but what that got to do with Time Team?'. Hold still for a moment and go get a coffee, this 'uns going to be a long 'un.Think back to school yard fights, lots of name calling (just like red deer bellowing), the louder you can shout the bigger you probably are, staring at your opponent (the parallel walk), and then the pushing and shoving (locked antlers). The fight is over when teacher grabs you or one of you falls, if both fall, the fight goes on rolling around on the floor until someone can get a punch in...Instead of antlers, humans (and primates) evolved thumbs and bigger brains, we started to use them for everything, and then we used our thumbs to help shape what our brains had thought up, this has gone from a stick picked up from the ground, to a stick with a point of flint or metal, to a sword, to a rifle to a nuclear missile. They are all the same thing.If we look at the reports of battles from history, the heralds would meet to decide if battle would take place (bellowing or shouting in the play ground), if neither side would give in the army commanders would meet and talk or maybe just stare (the parallel walk and the stare) and then the army would advance and the pushing would begin...The pushing would continue until one side or the other decided it had lost and they would run.In individual combats the threats would normally finish the fight with one person realising what he had to lose or what the other guy would do to him.Now, imag...


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1226 words - 5 pages story is of a theological, spiritual, and religious nature. But a myth is a story that never happened. The storyteller casts the myth in the form of events, events that occurred on earth among men. Usually these events involved the gods and their relationships with men and women. But these mythical events have no reality in actual fact; they are unhistorical. If read or listened to for entertainment, the myth is fictitious. If taught as the factual

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1316 words - 6 pages actually derives from the Indo-European root as the Sanskrit Medha meaning ‘sovereign female wisdom,’ ‘guardian / protrectress,’ ‘the one who knows’ or ‘the one who rules.’ It’s interesting to see how snakes are portrayed throughout different myths and stories. It is said that a snake is associated with women and its symbolism can date all the way back to archaic times. Historically, snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. Although in

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478 words - 2 pages Free In the first chapter of "The Way We Never Were" written by Stephanie Coontz, the reader faces the reality of the "traditional family" being a myth. Coontz denies the real diversity of family life and subjects the reader to facts and statistics on how families have out grown the pants that traditional families have worn or how families have never been able to fit such a pair of pants. Throughout, In The Way We Wish We

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673 words - 3 pages . He continues to watch earth, day by day, observing his masterpiece. Mircea Eliade To begin analysis through Mircea Eliade’s school of thought, this would be considered a very literal myth. From begining to end, the myth strictly explains the origins of creation. Eliade would understand “he” as a supernatural being, who brought reality into existence. This myth answers the questions of humanity. Reading this myth would project Eliade to the

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918 words - 4 pages Free Great kings and powerful warriors engage in heroic duels with each other to gain massive power, while a group of women take a vow of abstinence until a war has ended. Two different pictures of war are depicted in "The Iliad" by Homer and "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes."The Iliad" is a poem which is believed to be a collection of stories handed down through many generations but not of just one man. It is a story of the Trojan War and the leaders of

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894 words - 4 pages the context, the readers will recognize the stereotypes that are given to Latina women. Cofer wrote this essay in order to inform her audience about the stereotypes given to Latina women. She explains within her essay about how Latina women are sexualized, for example when they are called a “Hot Tamale” or “sizzling,” people compare them to food in a sexual manner (105). Men specifically are the ones comparing Latina women to food referring to

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467 words - 2 pages "monsters" are not really monsters but men and they can be defeated. But in order to do this they must kill the mother, and the leader of the group. In doing this, the battle will be won.The acting could have been a little more dramatic. At certain points in the movie they were a little bit too calm. When the should have been in panic mode. By that I mean the women and children. Especially during the battle scenes, there was no screaming or crying at

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1000 words - 4 pages Free , contrary to other Greek heroes for their great strength or bravery. Odysseus had the Greek army build what came to be known as the Trojan Horse; a giant hollow horse filled inside with the best Greek warriors. During the attack upon the city, the Greek army desecrated the sacred temples of the Gods. This had enraged the Gods, leading to a fierce storm; delaying Odysseus and his men’s homecoming for ten years. This caused many adventures at sea

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1526 words - 7 pages Free desires were acted upon, a deviant[footnoteRef:2]. [1: Sheleff, “Beyond the Oedipus complex: A perspective on the myth and reality of generational conflict”, 1976] [2: Craib, Psychoanalysis; a critical introduction, 22] Freud’s belief around humanity was that all humans had two main desires that were an important factor in how people lived. These two desires that Freud uses to explain humanity are: Eros, which is believed to be the desire to

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1536 words - 7 pages visual sources. This paper’s intent is to develop a more thorough comprehension of Ancient Roman religion, and by extension, a deeper knowledge of the portrayal of as well as the reality of women’s roles in this realm. As described by Sarolta Takacs’ “Vestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons,” in order to begin to understand the framework of ancient Roman religion and the role women had in shaping it, one must consider the religious cults in and

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1523 words - 7 pages was no longer beautiful. Though sanitary conditions were still in the Dark Ages, it seemed fashion was developing quickly.The creation of false hair, reaching up to sometimes 30 inches in height (half the size of the woman under it), was catching on. Seeing as women spent several hours on these cumbersome hairpieces, they expected these styles to last for several days or weeks. Women often had difficulty getting off chariots, going through doors

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2064 words - 9 pages reality, becomes real too us. However, if we do not perceive a thought, it is not reality. 8. Ancestors-Ancestors are those who came before yourself. In the book, it describes how indigenous religions following the beliefs and practices of their ancestors. 9. Ritual-“A ritual is a symbolic action in response to perceived ultimacy, based on myth (Young, 2015). A ritual could be something profane like preparing for an athletic event or something

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772 words - 4 pages French fairy-tale of La Belle et La Bete, or Beauty and the Beast. In both myths, appearance versus reality is a central theme, and in both myths neither are as good as they may initially seem to be.Both myths start and end similarly. In the beginning, both Psyche and the Beast have very angry mother figures. While in the Cocteau version the Beast has no origin other than a vague reference to his parents in the very end, in the popular Disney

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598 words - 3 pages posted: 1. Indicate which week’s ‘Dialogue’ materials and ‘Padlet’ you have chosen to examine? Week 2 (a) What elements of the material studied make it a myth or are related to myth? [remember to expand – needs 3 to 6 sentences and clearly indicate the material chosen; ie your chosen primary source/s] The Iliad, an extensive yet mystifying poem that honors the actions of heroes, unfortunately, is debatably unclear as to what the settings Homer sang

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1666 words - 7 pages portrayed them in them most negative way. Many times the violent identity is inflicted upon the minority without consent, causing them to be misjudged and mistreated. This mistreatment has caused oppression which doesn’t allow for an identity of their own. Claude McKay illustrates a very appalling reality for many African American women in history. In his poem “Harlem Shadows”, he writes “In Negro Harlem when the night lets fall / Its veil. I see