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Corporate Social Responsibility – The Case of Woolworth
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Executive summary
The purpose of this report was to give an accurate information about the efforts and policies taken by Woolworth, which are toward to contribute and make a positive impact on the society and the environment. There is no a worldwide definition of CSR, however, all the author's perspectives have in common certain aspects related to the way how companies retribute to the community and the environment through giving donations or taking actions to improve the quality of life and mechanism to reduce pollution. Two components of CSR will be explained in detail (Ethics and Philanthropic) in relation to Woolworth CSR goals are focused on these two pillars fundamentally. In the case section, the three most important pillars of Woolworth will be shown, explaining the concept of each pillar and giving some examples to fully understand the actions taken by Woolworth to address CSR goals. Finally, a recommendation that may arise is that the policies and actions taken by Woolworth in the last year, remain stable in the next years, given the result of the CSR policy, reflect an excellent performance.
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1.0 Background
In the last decades, retailing companies around the world were concerned about taking actions to enhance quality of life and reduce the effect of pollution and waste management with the purpose of conserving the environment for the next generations. As a result of this awareness to protect society and environmental interests, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept which has begun to become fundamental in the second half of twenty century. (Lindgreen, 2010). The purpose of this report was to give an accurate information about the efforts and policies taken by Woolworth, to contribute and make a positive impact to the society and the environment
Woolworth is the largest supermarket in Australia with a transversal operation along Australia with presence in 995 stores and 115,000 staffing. (Woolworth, 2017b). Furthermore, one of the main characteristics is related to co-working cooperation with growers and farmers, who supply high quality of products such as fruits, vegetables, and meat. In addition, as a response to technological impact, Woolworth focus their strategies towards to improving customer experience through developing an application which will enable customers to purchase and receive goods when they are home. (Woolworth, 2017b) Taking this into consideration, the context of Woolworth in the Australian market and the new strategies developed in terms of technology, CSR has become a fundamental policy to make a positive impact in the society and the environment, which can be demonstrated in the annual reports which...

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