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1DudleyTaylor DudleyComposition 1September 5, 2014Word CrimesGrammar Nazis can be the worst! Weird Al Yankovic becomes one of the biggest grammar nazis in his video, "Word Crimes." Yankovic is widely known for his humorous songs and for the distinct parodies that he creates in order to grab the attention of his audience. He tries to create a more exciting way to send knowledgeable messages, especially for younger ages. In his parody "Word Crimes, " he focuses on the misuse of proper English grammar. Although he has many valid points within the video, he seems to belittle his audience. No one is perfect, and this video makes it seem that everyone should use proper grammar at all times. ...view middle of the document...

I felt offended by the end of the video because of all the different names that he included besides " dumb mouth-breather". Yankovic could have found a kinder way to pass along the same message.Along with typing most things electronically, we rely on our computers or smart phones to automatically correct our writing for us. If it suggests changing a sentence or the spelling of a word, we usually think the computer will always be right; but technology has its flaws as well. There have been several instances while I am typing an essay and the computer will say that I need to change one of my sentences, but the suggestion that it gives me makes no sense. In texting, phones usually remember words we use, and if we type a misspelled a word, a smartphone will save the wrong word and may try to change the correct term to a wrong one. In the end we have to send another message correcting ourselves. Our computers also don't know what format or specific ways that people, such as students, have to write. Maybe a professor wants the paper written in a narrative format, but the computer keeps trying to change it into a second person viewpoint. This has caused me to become aggravated many times while writing an assignment. Technology is a wonderful thing to have, but it isn't perfect."Weird Al" discusses the use of a correct pronoun or use of an apostrophe in his video. The words in the video that deal with these situations seem to pop on the screen more dramatically than other parts. It is almost as if he is trying to pound the information of the video into his audience's head. He uses the method of being bitter in hopes of helping the audience remember the content in his video. "Word Crimes" made me feel like I ...


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1032 words - 5 pages 1DudleyTaylor DudleyComposition 1September 5, 2014Word CrimesGrammar Nazis can be the worst! Weird Al Yankovic becomes one of the biggest grammar nazis in his video, "Word Crimes." Yankovic is widely known for his humorous songs and for the distinct parodies that he creates in order to grab the attention of his audience. He tries to create a more exciting way to send knowledgeable messages, especially for younger ages. In his parody "Word Crimes

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