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The poem is about the power of words, though in this case a destructive power.To me this is a very direct poem. Words are like axes, powerful and sharp, loud, emitting echoes, everyone can hear them, everyone can see their effect.Words can be like axes, if they are used cruelly. They hurt. They drag her and wound her, bringing her to the surface sap, like tears, or like the blood-jet of poetry, trying to re-establish her own image, the mirror, her own sense of self. They cut into the tree which may symboliz ...view middle of the document...

One might be hurt by words but the initial sting may last for quite some time.Her life tries to return to normality. The tears grow old and covered in weeds, forgotten, but still there forever.Later in life she encounters the words again, but now they are 'dry and riderless' they have no effect, they are old and worn. These words are sterile and powerless to do what she tries to make them to do. This is while her life is fixed, her destiny controlling her, waiting in the pool which may be the same one once disturbed by the rock, the weight of her tears and hurt. The stars represent her destiny. It never can be disturbed or changed by emotions.The 'white skull eaten by weedy greens' represents her father's death.In a larger sense the poem is about the impotence of words to resist one's fate.In Plath's poems each word is like a stone dropped in a pond, the meanings and symbolism of words travelling out from them like ripples.This sense of fatalism, the inevitability of her death is, in my opinion, a legacy she inherited from Ted Hughes. This poem encapsulates in it the whole task that she set for herself and her work, and, in spite of the triumph of her poetic accomplishment, the ultimate failure of that task.


First Year In Three Words Essay

285 words - 2 pages Free If I were to describe my first year in America in three words, they would be exciting, strange, and difficult. First of all, I would describe it as exciting because of all the new and amazing places I get to visit, that I've never visited in my entire life. Secondly, I would describe it as strange because American culture is a lot different from my native country culture. Thirdly, I would describe it as difficult because it was difficult for me

Processes By Which New Words Come Into A Language

1101 words - 5 pages Processes by which new words come into a languageLanguage is like a living organism, that is, they can grow(e.g. English) and they can die(e.g. Latin). English is probably one of the more successful languages at growing. You can probably travel to any country in the world and run into someone who knows a few words of English. We might ask the question, how does a language grow? Well, one way is adding new words.New words can enter a language in

Actions Speak louder than words - English Literature - Essay

665 words - 3 pages Hamlet [student name] [professor name] [course code] 9 June, 2018 Assignment 1: Hamlet Journal Response Actions Speak louder than words Words are just words until they are backed by real actions. In the materialistic world, people tend to make fake promises and commitments and it has a little connection with reality. It is actually hard to find people who are trustworthy, reliable and do something that they committed to. Some people are good at

The Power of Words in Literature - Fiction/English - Essay

1020 words - 5 pages The Power of Words in Literature and Culture The importance of words is a theme seen hundreds of times throughout literature. During times of censorship, the words still found a way to break through. During war, the words still helped soothe the readers. Words can help change the way people live their lives and how they think about their lives and how they think about themselves. We are going to take a look at two works of literature and a

Romeo and Juliet Essay 1038 words - English - Essay

1038 words - 5 pages teens. Zen Zen Zo’s re-imagined Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet had created an effective and engaging version of this play by using many different dramatic elements and viewpoint to help identify and develop the meaning the of play. The play production has strategically lessened the amount of words and modernising the costumes and concepts to all help influence the dramatic meaning and performance style made by the three actors, they also help relate and captured the audience because the actors themselves were relatable and humorous which in all added contrast to the performance.

Grammar Project Comparing Similar Words - University of Houston ENGL 4322 - Assignment

961 words - 4 pages Deborah Okoro ENGL 4322 Duran October 9, 2018 Grammar Project 1 Two very commonly misused words in the English language are “affect” and “effect”. The two words are very close in spelling, extremely similar in pronunciation, and in a way, have overlapping meanings, so they are very easy to confuse. I remember personally that I did not understand the distinction between the two until junior high school, and I still see the words used

Literacy narrative pertaining to my personal experience with words and spelling - English 1010 - Essay

1386 words - 6 pages when the judges let me know that my spelling was incorrect. My only hope was that my opponent would misspell his next two words… which he didn’t. In my mind, Caden fortuitously won the spelling bee. I took my loss well, but on the inside it hurt to know that I was so close to winning, yet again. It also hurt because spelling was my strong suit, and I thought for sure since I got second place as a fifth grader, that I would get first place as a

ROTC Cadet, use this for good essay (714 words) - Wallace English - Essay

724 words - 3 pages Deltas have a short sleeved khaki button down with blue trousers to complete it .After we get everyone’s uniforms situated, we then procced to the learning of Marine Corps knowledge. Amos 2 Some knowledge consists of Military Jargon, the phonetic alphabet, and telling military time. JROTC’s Jargon is the same as the Marine Corps, and during class we require the cadets to learn the words and to use them. An example of jargon we use in class would

Senators, Dreamers Do Not Want to Hear Words They Want to See Action - English 101 - Opinion essay

1549 words - 7 pages Senators, Dreamers Do not want to hear Words They Want to See Action In the New York Times opinion article, “Senators Dreamers Have Been Watching You”, Antonio Alarcon criticizes the lack of effective legislation being proposed by senators to not only protect Dreamers but also their immigrant families who also deserve to stay in this country. He argues that he is not willing to accept any legislative fix that would give Dreamers the chance

Three Words That Moved A Nation

590 words - 3 pages Anthropology - Lucy in Hadar In a search to find our ancestors, several anthropologists have found evidence to support their conclusions. In the films about Don Johanson's discovery of Lucy in Hadar, one may be very intrigued by the first film but very disturbed by the second film. I was very intrigued by the findings of the Australopithecines. The idea that Lucy, the skeleton found in Hadar, Africa, was closely related to the human species was

Discuss The Significant Differences Between Men's And Women's Talk - The Way They Interact, Their Choices Of Words And Phrases And The Topics They Like To Discuss

1949 words - 8 pages Free differences between men's and women's talk in the way they interact, their choice of words and phrases and the topics they like to discuss. We will begin by first looking at how men and women use compliments in their interactions.A study involving American, British, Polish and New Zealand speakers, both male and female, have shown that the use of compliments is more predominant among the women as compared to men, and that they are complimented

Data Analytics Breweries Comparison - ESMT EMBA - Essay 5000 words

2317 words - 10 pages Error! Use the Home tab to apply Überschrift 1 to the text that you want to appear here. Companions Breweries – Group Assignment Amaryllis 1. Executive Summary Companions’ Breweries (hereafter the company) is a UK brewery which currently faces huge competition, which translates into declining market share. The company analyzes data on its existing pubs to improve future site selection to enhance market share and profitability. The brewery is

Creative writing. 250 words. Why we customize and restore cars

294 words - 2 pages Free There is a certain place in your heart that feels the pangs of envy as a restored classic car rolls byyou. In the south, where I'm from, muscle cars and trucks dominate the roads, all in variousstages of restoration, from the sparkle of the custom paint, the gleam of the polished chrome,to the hearty rumble of the exhaust. Many years of blood, sweat, tears, and thousands of dollarsgo into a car to bring it back to the original state that it was

How Monkey Lost His Tail - By Aaron Shen 391 Words

473 words - 2 pages Free Aaron Shenassa5/6/01Mrs. WitheringtonWords: 391How Monkey Lost His Tail.It was a day just like any other, except for poor Monkey. It was a hot and windy morning in Mexico City, Mexico, and Monkey found himself on a wooden floor of a smoky bar. His arms were flaccidly dangling down over his legs and his upper body moving back and forth lifelessly, just like it usually does. But something was missing... HIS TAIL!!! Where had his tail gone? He poked

H20 Letter essay 5 paragraph 700 words - 8th grade - Essay

657 words - 3 pages Dear Kelly 4/19/17 The book I have chosen to write about is H20 by Virginia Bergin. In my opinion it is a scary book about a girl named Ruby. It is a sci-fi horror novel which in my opinion is a 9. this book was a delight to read and at points brought tears to my eyes. Like I said it was an interesting book, in a good way, it kept me hooked and wanting to read more and more. I was inspired to choose it after I read a quote on the cover