Wordsworth Said He Had Been 'fostered Alike By Beauty And By Fear.' Using 3 Episodes From 'the Prelude' Book 1 Show What He Meant By This?

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I have chosen to explore paragraphs 8, 9 and 11 to interpret what Wordsworth might have meant by this quote. The use of 'fostered' creates the impression of a parent or guardian, and with such a high regard for nature I wonder whether this quote is aimed at her and her so called actions that only Wordsworth seems to feel and encounter.Episode 8 begins with the lines; he seems at one with where he used to live in 'that beloved Vale' and the cold language Wordsworth includes such as 'frost', 'the breath of frosty wind' and 'snapped' reflect how he feels now. Things aren't as happy and pleasant as they were in his 'much favoured' birthplace Cockermouth. There is a sudden change of mood as he ...view middle of the document...

He feels this overwhelming presence due to the power of his imagination, the romantic poets which Wordsworth was part of believed that you needed solitude to express and find your individuality and imagination.Wordsworth conveys his imagination again in the 9th passage where he again is up to no good stealing eggs or perhaps to encounter the experience again see if nature reacts, It's clear he knows he's doing wrong 'though mean our object and inglorious,'. In the short paragraph Wordsworth gives the impression that the wind had a purpose there as he struggled through the difficulties of the 'slippery rock', he says 'and almost (so it seemed) suspended by the blast that blew', adding wonder with the sounds 'oh', 'hung alone' and 'blow' through assonance. He hangs alone but is in the company of the wind and doesn't in this passage seem to mind even though it is uttering he's wrong.Wordsworth goes on to say and end with 'the sky seemed not the sky of earth-and with what motion moved the clouds!' the exclamation mark emphasises his wonder of the difference he feels. This paragraph is easy to imagine due to Wordsworth's good use of alliteration 'motion moved' and assonance that assist in reflecting his experience. There is a calm tone at the very end with a soft use of 'clouds' to show his height and closeness he feels to nature at this point. Wordsworth was worrying in passage 5, he thought he wouldn't be able to express his experiences so the reader can relate to them and re-live his encounters 'Lofty, but unsubstantial structure melts', he felt he couldn't see a way through it but here he has proved he can do it.Throughout paragraph 11 Wordsworth personifies nature highlighting the relationship he seems to have with her for instance he says 'One summer evening (led by her)' when he steals a boat. He again feels guilty like all the other instances, showing he has got a conscience which possibly was helped put there by nature, 'It was an act of stealth and troubled pleasure,' but it doesn't seem to stop him. It's a very descriptive passage 'small circles glittering idly on the moon,' showing his love of his surroundings, it's in a beautiful setting and seems perfect reflected in the 'summers evening' which begins the story, his senses were alive! But this is soon contrasted.There is again this constant theme of...

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