Work Place Violence Prevention Plan

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What is Workplace Violence?Workplace violence is actual violence or the threat of violence against a coworker. In fact, workplace violence can be any act of physical violence, threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.The Workplace.Generally when we think about the word "workplace," we think of a safe environment where we go to make a living in order to make our lives better. Many of us think of the workplace as a place that allows us to provide security for our families with the hopes of one-day achieving financial freedom.However, in today's diverse culture, workplace violence is an issue that everyone in the labor force is aware of. It is naïve to think that violence could never happen where you work because statistics show that violence can and does happen in the workplace regardless of the indus ...view middle of the document...

Even though the media mainly focuses mainly on the "wild and crazy - shoot-them up" type of violence in the workplace, violence among co-workers occurs more often than ever publicized. In fact, over two million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year.Prevention Plan.The implementation of an effective workplace violence program requires the commitment of management. However, companies now have the ammunition they need to help in the fight to stop workplace violence. Here are some steps that can be taken by an employer to help ensure the prevention of workplace violence.1. Do a background check on a potential candidate before hiring.2. Provide training for all employees on how to identify the warning signs of a violent person and how to deal with any threatening situations.3. Provide on the job counseling for employees.4. Upgrade security.5. Incorporate a "No Tolerance" policy for workplace violence.Make each manager and/or supervisor responsible to communicate safety and security policies to each of his/her employees.6. Secure work site for all employees7. Implement an employee assistance program to help employee in crisis9. Publish and circulate a safe workplace policy/manual.ConclusionNo company can completely prevent or eliminate workplace violence, but with proper planning, training, communication, and effective programs, the chances of violent behavior among employees can be dramatically reduced. Eliminating violence in the workplace should at all time, be a top priority for every executive, manager, supervisor, and employee.ReferencesReh, F. John. (n.d.). Steps to make your workplace safer. Management - About. Retrieved on July 23, 2004 from the World Wide Web: Department of Labor. (2004, March 15). Workplace violence. U.S. Department of Labor: Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Retrieved July 23, 2004 from the World Wide Web:


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