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World Conference On Disaster Reduction Essay

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The United Nations General Assembly convened a World Conference on Disaster Reduction, to be held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, from 18 to 22 January 2005. The Conference was to take stock of progress in disaster risk reduction accomplished since the Yokohama Conference of 1994 and to make plans for the next ten years.In order to prevent possible catastrophes or at least to minimize consequential losses, the conference adopted a plan of action that included the following points:* All of the countries at risk should define and introduce disaster prevention measures.* Early-warning systems geared directly to the needs of those affected should be put in place where the threat is greatest.* Children ...view middle of the document...

Insurance Losses:According to the figures of Munich Re, (German based reinsurace company) in recent decades have seen a significant rise in losses due to earthquake disasters. For the insurance sector, it is therefore of growing importance that earthquake risks - and, in particular, the potential losses - be assessed as precisely as possible.History has terrifying examples of catastrophic earthquakes to offer:North of Sumatra 2004, Seismic sea waves, magnitude (size of the earthquake): 7.8San Francisco, 1906, magnitude: 7.8, at that time the most expensive natural disaster ever;Tokyo, 1923, magnitude: 7.9, 140,000 fatalities;Tangshan, China, 1976, magnitude: 7.9, 242,000 fatalities.Experts say that the quakes like the disaster in Bam, Iran, on 26 December 2003, show that such catastrophes can happen again at any time. To make things worse, due to rapid and dense urbanization, the scenarios of the future may be even more horrifying. The cities along the circum-Pacific "ring of fire" are classed as highly exposed. Terrible losses occured in Indian Gujrat a few years back.Although minor tremors were recorded from time to time in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan, we did not take them seriously. On 8th October, 2005 we suffered the most devastating earthquake and more than 50, 000 people are estimated to have died and over 120, 000 injured and about a million rendered homeless.Experts and Reinsurance companies opine that immense losses are foreseeable for people, economies, and insurers. But the exposure potential from quakes within continents, too, or...

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