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World Religions Essay

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Have you ever wondered what are other religions after yours origins and founders, there leadership, and their beliefs? Well most of the religions in the world have been founded by someone, most have people who are devoted to their religion and they teach other people about their religion, and all of the religions have an ultimate goal to accomplish; as for Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism are not the exception. Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism founders before they began their religion were normal men who where searching for a good life in this world. Buddhism's founder Siddharta Gautama founded his religion all by meditating why there were so many suffering in this world; whereas Islam and Judaism ...view middle of the document...

In the other hand Muhammad from Buddhism received a word form God. He had to proclaim that God (Allah) was the only god. As well as Buddhism, Judaism founder Abraham received a word from God that told him to live his family except his wife, Sarai, and go to a land that He would give him. God made a promise with Abraham that if he and the Hebrew would do his will he would take care of them and extend his generation all over the world. All these three religions have in common that they were founded by a men who led others to their truth. Abraham was chosen by God to be the "father" of the Hebrew, also Muhammad was chosen to be one of the last prophets; whereas Siddharta wondered all through the Indias in the search of enlightment or wisdom until he figured it out by 49 days of meditation.In Judaism and Buddhism they have leadership; whereas Islam does not have any leadership. In Islam there is no leadership at all because each person have a direct communication with Allah. In Buddhism there are people who take vows called monks and nuns, they have to live a life of poverty, they have to be non violent, and they can not marry. They go all over India spreading Buddha's teachings, to live they have to receive charity from others and if they didn't receive they wouldn't eat. In Judaism is some different, Rabbis show Jews that there is only one God, who watches over and cares for you. The Rabbis leads synagogue or temples which there they show their beliefs. Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism all show how important is to live a good life here on earth.Their beliefs are quite different from each other mostly Buddhism is the most different of Islam and Judaism. In the Islam religion persons achieve salvation by following the Five Pillars of Islam and living a just life; whereas in Buddhism persons achieve complete peace and happiness by achieving Nirvana which is the Buddha's word for release from selfishness and pain. Judaism is similar to Islam but instead of following the Five Pillars of Islam they have to follow the ten commandments and God (Yahweh) will. The Five Pillars of Islam...

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