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World War 1 Essay

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Wealth, power, and prestige was the world previous to 1914. Death, destruction, and instability was the world during 1914 and 1918. Between the years of 1914 and 1918 World War I broke out. World War I was not what the people of the world imagined it to be. Many young, brave men volunteered, with desire, not knowing what they were really getting into. The events that took place on and off the battle field could not be described by pictures. Europe had a law that banned pictures showing dead people, which left people to believe war wasn't that horrible. Those people who were there, were able to describe through poetry how bad the situations really were. In The Human Record there is a ...view middle of the document...

Secondly the picture sends the message that, these heroes who are fighting for our country are smoking our cigarettes so you should also. It's like today, when advertisement agencies use famous people to see their products. Like when Brittany Spears sponsored Pepsi. People seem to buy things if the famous use it, like it, wear it, or want it. The third picture, Australian Recruitment Poster, was used to encourage volunteers for war. The poster was targeted to young men who were involved in sport clubs. The poster appeals to men already involved in this sporting club because it makes them think that they will be joining another club. It doesn't seem like they are joining the war, its like they are joining Australian sporting men, who are going to fight together. In the background of the poster there are men playing sports. It once again conveys a scene of relaxation and enjoyment, not war. Men might actually join because other men in the sporting group are already joined so it must be alright. The last picture, French Poster Encouraging Purchase of War Bonds, is very similar to the cigarette company. The poster has a solider on it and he is saying, "On les aura!"( we will get them). The government depicts the war as we will win, if you give us some money. The war was very expensive and the government needed money to help pay for it and if they could get people to believe that they would be victorious if we had money. In The Earth and It's People, there is a poster that is targeted towards women. The poster has a women standing tall and proud and it say "On her their lives Depend". It was used to try and recruit women for factory work. This poster just like all the others make women feel like they are important and needed, so they will work in the factories." It gave them a sense of participation in the war effort and a taste of personal and financial independence"( Bulliet 759). These do not seem to really express how the war was and what was going on. Poetry seemed to be the only real way for people to understand war.Poets seemed to be the truthtalkers of World War I. Many poets were in the war and wrote about their experiences, like Wilfred Owen. He served in the British army in 1915, was wounded, and...

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