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What would the world be like without the magic colors of a rainbow? What would the world be like if people weren't black, brown, yellow or white skinned? Would diversity exist without color? What would the world be like if we couldn't see the bright blue of the ocean or the sky? Would the horizon exist? Would we appreciate the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset? What would the world be like without the color of the flowers? Would mother nature be so wonderful?Most people may never have thought about what a colorful world we are living in, and few may have ever given a thought to ...view middle of the document...

The blue of the ocean and the sky would never be cherished without colours. Therefore, colour adds multifarious ness to nature. In fashion, if there were no colours, everything would only be patterns and designs. There would be no longer a wider range of choices when shopping. Everyone would be wearing similar types of shirts. Take for example, the make-up industry.Colours make nature, fashion, flags and the various races much more interesting and diverse. Without colours, nature would not be appreciated as much as it is coloured. Generally, a colorless world would be thought of as having no color except black, white and grey shades. Imagine that all of a sudden, everything loses its colors. In such a situation, everything would mix with his surroundings and it would become impossible to distinguish one object from another. For example a peach and an apple would look almost identical. There would be no distinct features.We'd lose all sight for which was which, basically normal organisms wouldn't be able to tell the difference from one thing to another resulting in chaos. Emotionally and Mentally: Our world would seem depressing and very dark and disturbing. Some would enjoy this, while others would not because a world without colors means a world with no life. We basically need colors to help us get through the day and without would be sad.


English Personal Response Essay - English- Grade 11 - Essay

934 words - 4 pages was mistaken for having the name “black” many times”(1) and this shows how many people around her maltreated her. Furthermore, this makes me angry because Beach shouldn’t be going through this but instead, they all should be treated equally and fairly without even knowing the colour of their skin because that's how everyone deserves to be treated on a day to day basis. In the essay, she also says that “my mother, a school principal, has also been

How an imaginative journey is depicted in Kubla Khan and an electronic image "i want to fly"

540 words - 3 pages An imaginative journey is characterised by engagement with the unfamiliar, which transports responders into a new context and represents an experience that challenges old perspectives and endorses new ones about the world and themselves. In the electronic image "I want to fly", we engage with the presentation of colour and symbolism, and allow ourselves to be displaced in order to become the character in the image. Initially we are attracted to

What is the effect of different colours of light on plant growth? - year 10 science - experiment report

1352 words - 6 pages be considered. Many plant functions can be enhanced and promoted just by knowing what light colours they react and respond to. For a hungry world just waking up to the effects of Global Warming, this is critical. It will allow us to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to help improve crop quality and growth without having to resort to powerful fertilizers and genetically modified food. Conclusion This experiment shows that the plants

The art of memories - William Utermohlen - idk - feature article

746 words - 3 pages contrasts from his first piece. The colours that were used were to represent and express his feelings. White, a dominant colour representing his emptiness and isolation from the world whereas red being another dominant colour represented his anger with his illness. Compared to his first painting, Utermohlen decided to make the textures more apparent. This provided the ability to create details such as skin texture. The lining in this portrait is

Explain and Assess Jacksons Knowledge argument - nottingham - Essay

1908 words - 8 pages instance, the concept of red cannot be fully understood by someone who has never seen the colour red, no matter how well its physical properties are described. This therefore implies that in addition to having a physical cause, an experience can also have a phenomenal cause. Jackson describes this as Epiphenomenalism. This is the idea that qualia is caused by experiences in the physical world however one can exist without the other and there is

Can Physicalism Account For Qualia?

3467 words - 14 pages room and only ever sees black and white things. In this room, she learns all the physical facts there are to know about colour and colour experiences. Suppose she then goes into the world and sees colour for the first time. Jackson holds than when she sees colour for the first time, she will have learnt something new. His argument is therefore that one can know everything physical about an experience yet still not have all the facts (the qualia

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1338 words - 6 pages Free of 'path' directed towards him, establishing the effect of creating a journey whether it be physical or imaginary, in which the boy 'channels' through times and continents. The sharp brightness of the colour red also creates an unnatural and artificial atmosphere to the visual, which gives the responder the impression that this world is only imaginary.The juxtaposition and size of the objects is also a tool used to portray the imaginative

First Impression - Ochres by Jiri Kylian - Yr 9 - Essay - First Impression

1256 words - 6 pages Bangarra – Ochres – Sofia Canestro In the year 1991, Stephan Page was appointed the Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre. Through the many works Stephen Page established the Indigenous Aboriginal production work known as Ochres. First Performed in 1994, it brought an awakening turn out of this iconic work which revealed Bangara Ochres to the world. Through dance, Bangarra Dance Theatre reflects the lives and attitudes of those indigenous

To Kill A Mockingbird By John Grisham, Speaks Of Racism

1046 words - 5 pages cry with hunger pains. Poor white trash. While, Tom Robinson is a good citizen, with a good job and a good family but with a bad, bad skin colour. And that's the important factor. Isn't it essential to obstruct the world from becoming one that isn't bigoted? If it was to fall into that destructive state, people that thrash their children, so that their faces become unrecognizable, like Bob Ewell, may not triumph over gentle and kind-hearted ones

Project Paer

2193 words - 9 pages be in school anyway or a college accepting fewer applications for enrolment from people of colour than it does for white people. The college does this because it wants most of its students to be white. Now as we can see the current issue that plays dominantly among the blacks are success of black students in this current world. According to S.Fordham on The Urban Review (1986), there was once a class of students were given assignment and there

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1005 words - 5 pages Practice Essay Discuss how a text you have studied works to present a particular perspective on an issue. The critically acclaimed film, Children of Men, directed by Alfronson Cuaron establishes a chaotic world in which human extinction is resulting from an infertility crisis. The film upholds political and societal issues which not only resemble the time period during which the film was produced but also correlates to present day. Although the

"Third World Mining Is Primarily For The Benefit Of The First World."

1834 words - 8 pages functions to control access to the market and its profits. Diamonds have undergone a complex evolution of grading systems, now unified into one standard. Every day a periodical is published listing the current market prices for diamonds according to cut, clarity, colour and carat. These market standards allow diamonds to be traded worldwide without the conflicts of grading. World values are set. A diamond bought in Cape Town can be sold for the same

Water Pollution

762 words - 4 pages This world needs the good environment. People should protect our homestead. Society is focus on pollution in river all over the world. As we know water is spring of life. We can't live without it, and water in river is more important for human's daily life. It is a big problem. It is the major factories and industries that are causing the problem. We should find some good ways to prevention and mitigation. Let us to join protect action, in order

Hidden Figures in comparison to The Caged Bird - Bathurst High English - Essay

1855 words - 8 pages Free , the white population remain  ignorant towards their conditions. Yet these three African-American women took the world by storm and helped change the history of the world forever. It shows that even though you get beaten down or tossed aside you don't have to give up, you can keep fighting to pursue your dreams no matter what your skin colour or gender. Everybody is entitled to an opinion no matter how worthless or meaningless you think you voice will be, you will be heard.Angelou understand the power of voice and uses her poem to reinforce its importance to an audience that may not understand the effect of oppression on marginalized peoples.

song analysis on tupac shakur "Trapped" - social justice - Assignment

940 words - 4 pages this prison of seclusion Happiness, living on the streets is a delusion Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught Shot up or shot down with the bullet that he bought” Nine millimeter kickin' thinkin' about what the streets do to me 'Cause they never talk peace in the black community All we know is violence, do the job in silence Walk the city streets like a rat pack of tyrants - Prison = isolation from the rest of the world and you feel like