Worldview Essay About Christian Beliefs And Living A Better Christian Iife Trinity Bible College/ Worldviews Essay

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ID101 D-Group 2
Monday, September 17, 2018
Changes: #1 in F17 and Sp16 about “two words.” #3 rewritten. F17/Sp16 was about chs. 4-5 in Moreland and had 3 subpoints.
Be sure to check the right meeting room for your section. A file with section meeting locations is on
Canvas in the MODULES area.
General Instructions & Reminders:
1. DO YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL WORK! The preparation for the discussions should NOT be done with
others and it should not use work from any other student. Otherwise, it is plagiarism.
2. Your 100-point grade for each D-group is based on your written responses (50 maximum pts.) AND oral
participation (50 maximum pts.). See the guidelines in the syllabus.
3. Review the syllabus policy for absences. If the absence is “excused,” turn in your written work for a full grade.
If it is “unexcused,” turn in your written work anyway, but you can only get a maximum of 50/100 points.
4. Answers to all questions or items must be printed and handed in at the D-group session.
5. An electronic file must also be uploaded on Canvas in the proper location. Make sure the file title identifies
you and describes the assignment (e.g. “rknopp_Dgroup1.doc”).
6. Please include the question/task numbers (including any sub-numbers or sub-letters) in your answers and
answer ALL sub-points.
7. Make sure your name, your section leader’s name, the assignment name, and due date are included in the
heading of your document.
8. During the discussion, students should work together to encourage everyone to contribute several times during
the discussion. Individuals who dominate a...

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