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Dekorian Hampton
Mr. Gard
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26 August 2018
Something that made a major impact on me
I have always learned many things from helping my grandmother Ms.Samples. She have taught me so many things and different hacks over the years, I have stayed with her. Over the last 4 years, my whole attitude and outlook have changed toward life. Growing up around the early two thousands we always had cookouts ever sunday, family and friends came over and it was the vibe that you got from everyone around you and the energy felt good. It was this bbq grill she have and i would always watch her cook and I would ask so many questions while she cook and she she would say baby just sit back and learn. I took something that a lot people cannot always gain from cooking and that's being happy and positive to everyone around you.
Learning how to cook changed me others and also me around me. Seeing my grandmother smiling warmed my heart every day. It was just like eating some of her apple pie just good. After the hard times trying to cook  and burning things I finally was ready for the real thing. By that time I got into a private high school and they really focus on your major before you even start collage and this was a big step in my life and I'm always excited about trying new things all time. The teachers really showed ...


essay lord of the flies. is a high school english honors 10 level paper. garnered to get you a b - english - report

771 words - 4 pages death; and how the fear of death gives way to terrible ideas. The beast in lord of the flies is something that is never scene yet the boys are afraid of it. The boys throughout the first part of the book are relatively unbothered by being stranded. The first sign of fear ultimately comes from on of the little boys who claims to have seen a beast. “ "Tell us about the snake-thing." "Now he says it was a beastie." ” (William Golding pg ). The older

Boys will be boys Paper

471 words - 2 pages more males than females carry through with suicide, become alcoholics and are diagnosed with ADD." Researchers also believe that boys who are obligated to shut down positive emotions are left with only one socially acceptable outlet, which is anger. "When boys repress normal feelings like love because of social pressure, they've lost contact with the genuine nature of who they are and what they feel. Boys are in a silent crisis. The only time we

Essay Title: Morals: Long Lost And Forgotten Book Title: Lord Of The Flies Author: William Golding

854 words - 4 pages is how the moral of "Thou Shall not Kill" was lost.From reading this book, we notice that many morals have been lost from the beginning of the book to the end. Morals that you'd never think would be forgotten have been forgotten, all because of the uncivilized life the boys had on the island. Among the morals lost were, trust, honesty, killing, and stealing. These morals were all lost throughout this novel, and I believe that at the end of the book when the boys were rescued, they notice how they lost these morals and lived the chaotic, uncivilized life in which they had.

"Lord Of The Flies": Compare Any Two Characters And Their Relation To The Theme Of Power In The Novel

1236 words - 5 pages important; Ralph wants to be rescued while Jack just wants to hunt. Thus, the boys has to make a decision." Is being rescued more fun? Or does hunting sound more fun?" Obvious the boys picked hunting because they lost their memories of the civilized society. As we can see here Jack has outwitted Ralph by giving the boys what they want.To sum up, Ralph and Jack's repugnance and antagonism caused their conflicts and the struggle for power. Ralph wants

Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis - Hernando AP Literature - Literary Analysis essay

527 words - 3 pages Free disregard all authority and order. When “the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist,” all respect for authority and order was lost and complete savagery took over the minds of the boys on the island. Without the conch shell there is no authority, no order, and no sense of any civilization left within them. By using the conch shell as a symbol in ​Lord of the Flies​, Golding reveals key details about characters and the theme

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2543 words - 11 pages work. He says that all the boys act excited and energized by the plans they make at meetings, but none of them is willing to work to make the plans successful. Ralph points out that Jack’s hunters have failed to catch a single pig. Jack claims that although they have so far failed to bring down a pig, they will soon have more success. Ralph also worries about the smaller children, many of whom have nightmares and are unable to sleep. He tells

Social Stratification in the Legal System - english and anthropology - essay

1016 words - 5 pages intent of the people involved, trials still produce racially different results. This devastating phenomenon is dangerous. While wrongful sentences can be reversed and pardoned, the loss of one’s life is irreversible. We are North Americans. We are advocates for equality. We will tweet about black history month, and attack H&M over a monkey shirt. We will see another minority with tattoos killed on the news and think, he’s a drug dealer. Someone was

Lord Of The Flies: The Nature Of Governments

1323 words - 6 pages total power and his disrespect to others. During the election, he thinks that he deserves to be chief: "Ralph counted. "I'm chief then." The circle of boys broke into applause. Even the choir applauded; and the freckles on Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification. He started up and sat down again while the air rang. Ralph looked at him, eager to offer something. (Page 23)" This clearly shows that Jack is a flaw in the society, the

Theme of Savagery in Lord of the Flies - High School Essay - English Essay

876 words - 4 pages reinforces the lack of care and feeling shown towards the pug’s carcass. This shows that the boys are no longer feeling guilty about what they have done thus showing them becoming savages.               We can see the conflict between savagery and civilization developing further when Piggy’s glasses are broken. We are told “Piggy cried out in terror ‘my specs!” This shows us that the boys savage natures are beginning to overrule their more

Comparison Of Leaders: Lord Of The Flies. Aspects Of Leadership Betwen Jack And Ralph

1776 words - 8 pages he quickly takes to the role of gathering the surviving boys by calling out to all that are in the area. He believes in leading with a democratic style, which gives people freedom of opinion, as well as equality to all group members. This is seen as Ralph uses Piggy's idea for the conch to gathers the boys together in order toDean 2express ones ideas or opinions (Golding 12). However, Ralph is not the only boy on the island who is looking to lead

Freudian Theory in Lord of the Flies - English 30S - Essay

1412 words - 6 pages elements in the Freudian Theory, is represented in the novel by Ralph. When arriving on the island, he begins to call order to all the children, trying to construct a form of civilization with the Superego. He was always realistic about the decisions he made and he tries to bring order to chaos on the island. His primary objective is to be reduced, so the boys can be reconnected to civilization. Not long after being on the island, he beings to lay down

To Kill A Mocking Bird Compaired To Other Trials - GNBVT/English - Reasearch

1909 words - 8 pages TKAM Essay     While trials against innocent people happen all the time, some recent and past trials are related to the trial that occurred in the book To Kill A Mockingbird because an innocent man was accused of raping a women he had never met, Steven Avery was accused of killing along with raping a women on his own property with the help of his nephew, as well as the Scottsboro Boys, who were black men, accused of rapping two white women

compare and contrast of Atlantis and El Dorado - Alberta University of the Arts - Essay

1572 words - 7 pages and something to look for and follow. As we look at both they are very similar concepts as they are lost things that have never been found. As time goes on the more we want but the things that our lost will stay lost and media will cover it so we can get a taste of it. To see that both are lost city that give us many treasures, but they continue to be lost out of reach from society. But our there treasures needed or going to give us a purpose

The Hopi

858 words - 4 pages they could do.In conclusion, the Hopi Native-Americans lifestyle consists of their beliefs, traditions they performed, and their differences are different to today`s life. Everyone has a right to believe in what they want and that is something so great that we have an opportunity to do.

This essay decribes the evil within the symbols in the novel The Lord of the Flies - English 9 - Essay

904 words - 4 pages that all man is born with evil and bad intent, and that government and law should be setup to keep man from acting violent and in self-interest. In this case, the adults are the government. Without the adults, there is no order, but anarchy. The nature of evil in The Lord of the Flies, come from the boys addiction to kill, Jack’s thirst for power, and the hunters addiction to the beast. The reader first finds out about Jack’s addiction to hunting