Write About One Of The Worst Times Of Your Life. Nwacc Essay

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Ethan Hoffman
Dr. Burns
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5th Sept. 2018
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Have you ever felt just so accomplished with yourself, to the point to where you can’t stop smiling? I found something that can make me feel like that every single time. Despite my mood or what day it is. I love cheesecake but I think I like this quite a bit better. Totaling my first car & getting my taught me that it’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
When I was 4 years old my dad bought a 2004 GMC Denali Yukon XL. He drove it for 10 years, and then passed it to my brother for his first car and drove it for 2 years. Then it got passed to me and I only go to drive it for just over a year and then I totaled it when it rained and I hydro locked the motor. When I hydro-locked my old Denali Yukon I thought my life was over. We had it for 13 years. It was a car I grew up in. Went on road trips to California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, it had been all over the US, we spilt drinks, learned how to wire a subwoofer and amplifier along with replacing new head units, rotating tires, learned how to do alignments, replace head lights and tail lights, put on new after market exhaust’s and intakes, learned the basics of mechanics and electronics in that truck. I had some of my very first memories in that truck.
One after noon I left a friends house and went to lunch with my parents on a rainy day. I’m talking it was poring rain and the streets were beginning to flooding. So we decided to leave lunch early and head home before anything got too bad. After I pulled out of the old parking lot of Pho Thanh, I spotted a big water puddle. I decided I would go through it because this was no regular Yukon. It was lifted with big rims and tires, spacers, push guard, light bars, exhaust, all tricked out. I hit the puddle for a first time and made a small splash going 15mph or 20mph. So I thought to myself I could make a bigger splash then that, I turned around and hit it again. This time there was a dully beside me, we hit the puddle side by side both going about 35-40mph through the 1-2ft deep puddle in the street and my whole dash cluster lights up like a Christmas tree. Engine died the second I get out of the puddle and I end up coasting into the closest parking lot I could find. He shows up with a bag of tools and throws an umbrella at me so he doesn’t get soaking wet. We take out the spark plugs and injectors and they’re soaking wet and a gallon of water dumps out of the bottom of the block out of each cylinder like 8 water hoses were on at once. So we called a tow truck and they picked it up to take it back to the house. I k...


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