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Final Research Assignment—Part C
Kahly Spear
The University of Alabama
COPES question
“In order to assist my client, I am posing the following COPES question: If a 22-year-old unmarried Caucasian man with psychosis associated with schizophrenia receives antipsychotic medication only or antipsychotic medication and psychosocial treatments, which will produce a greater reduction in his psychosis?” This question is evaluating antipsychotic medication only or antipsychotic medication and psychosocial treatments for greater reduction of psychosis in schizophrenics.
Literature review
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness psychosocial treatments include psychotherapy, psychoeducation, self-help and support groups, psychosocial rehabilitation, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Supported Employment Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment, Clubhouses, Case Management. Psychosocial treatments are used to improve the quality of life, reduce hospitalizations for people with mental illness.
These psychotropic medication and psychosocial treatment is the recommended treatment for schizophrenics. My client is a young person newly diagnosed with schizophrenia and was forced to seek treatment due to his acute psychosis. Now that he is stable and can participate in his Treatment Plan, I am better equipped to advise him that he will have an easier time adjusting to his illness if he uses both psychotropic medication and psychotherapy. The company that I work for offers a Psychiatrist and psychosocial therapy that includes Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Case Management, and Individual Basic Living Skills, and Group Basic Living Skills. While doing his Treatment Plan I recommend that he start out using all available services and in three months we will revisit what services that he wants to continue. I made sure that I explained each service but recommended Group Therapy a long with Group Basic Living Skills hoping that he would find comfort in camaraderie, insight about his illness.
Psychosocial treatments include different types of psychotherapy and social and vocational training, and aim to provide support, education and guidance to people with mental illness and their families. Psychosocial treatments are an effective way to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illness and their families. They can lead to fewer hospitalizations and less difficulties at home, at school and at work. 
Check with your local NAMI affiliate, your community mental health center or health care provider to see what psychosocial services are available in your community and what may be provided under your health insurance plan.
Types of Psychosocial Treatments
Often called talk therapy, psychotherapy is when a person, family, couple or group sits down and talks with a therapist or other mental health provider. Psychotherapy helps people learn about their moods, though...


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