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Character Development
In this essay, I will be discussing the character development within “Pride and Prejudice”
by Jane Austen. It is a romantic novel written in the 1800s. Later, it was also made into a movie.
It is mainly centered on the ideas of marrying for love or marrying for security. The main
characters Elizabeth and Darcy undergo some big changes throughout the story. Elizabeth goes
through some realizations regarding her feelings for Darcy and vice versa. In the end, they come
to the conclusion that they both love each other, so they get married. Concluded by their
character development, the author shows many valuable things to take from her book.
Elizabeth is originally cold towards Darcy. He puts off a vibe that she receives as
arrogant and selfish. As a result of his high social status and wealth, she believes he is just plain
ignorant and rude. Elizabeth’s sister and a man named Mr. Bingley, Darcy’s friend, have a
romantic fling going on. Darcy interferes several times and stirs conversation, which increases
Elizabeth's hostility for Darcy. Darcy thought that someone like Bingley should not be with
someone that he acknowledges as inferior. He also confessed to Bingley that Jane did not
actually love him. Darcy felt the same way about himself and Elizabeth. Initially, his views on
social status and marriage get in the way of his true feelings, but the story tells how his feelings
for Elizabeth cannot be suppressed any longer.
Due to Elizabeth's feelings for Darcy, she also holds a strong prejudice for him. She
doesn’t believe that he is able to change. She feels that he is just too snobbish to ever see things


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