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The writers satirize how companies market their products to consumers in the mock press release of " The Onion." To achieve this, " The Onion" uses rhetorical instruments such as hyperbole, comparisons and scientific sounding jargon, which show the reader how companies sell their products to people.
To show the benefits of their products, " The Onion" depicts how companies hyperbolize the benefits and compare their products with others, which help to convince the consumer to buy them. Companies use hyperbole to make their products look even better than they really want. " The Onion" depicts this through customer testimonials, such as the woman who twisted her ankle and couldn't walk at all and could then suddenly walk after seven weeks of using MagnaSoles or the man whose back pain was relieved after using MagnaSoles. Companies also use comparisons to other similar products to emphasize how they believe that their product is the best one available. This was shown in the mock press release when the MagnaSoles website stated that they use crystals to heal dead cells which, according to the authors, are " a process similar to that in which medicine improves people," making their product appear as good as if it were not better than traditional medicine." The Onion" shows ...


Enders game essay for ap ela 9 it’s a 95 villains in the book - Ela - essay

426 words - 2 pages Free Parker Mangone Provenzano Ender’s Game ​essay 25 March 2019 In the novel​ Ender's Game​ by Orson Scott an important character in the novel is Bonzo. Bonzo plays the role of an villain. Throughout the book Bonzo is characterized as a young, aggressive and highly ambitious student. He will fight at any cost and this causes tension and conflict which builds his role as a Villain. When ender first joins the salamander army bonzo is very harsh and

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1438 words - 6 pages Free Beal 1 Kyle Beal Mr. Hodson ELA AP 20 March 29, 2018 The Role of Doctor Rank in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen’s Victorian era play, A Doll’s House, was written in 1879 and depicted a typical Victorian marriage. Ibsen presents Torvald and Nora Helmer, a married couple with three children. On the surface this arrangement seems almost perfect, yet their lives are clouded by lies and deception. The primary secret that Nora is hiding

Essay on the Simpsons and Satire

3925 words - 16 pages making fun of Fox News, the news station of the very network that produces the show. This allows for political satire that many viewers can relate to without any getting too offended. In the second episode of the third season of The Simpsons, Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington, Lisa wins a contest to go to Washington D.C. after writing an essay about how America is great. After getting there and seeing how corrupt the politicians are, she changes her essay

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1173 words - 5 pages Shelby Ducote English II Ms. Julie Humble March 29, 2018 A Doll’s House Essay Being a woman back in the Victorian Era was anything but a privilege. Women back in this time period were controlled by men and oppressed by society. Women were seen as incapable of making their own decisions or able to do anything for themselves. In A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen examines conventional roles of men and women in the nineteenth century. In the play, Nora

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1111 words - 5 pages Kaili Hurley-Novak Schultz-Wetherington Honors ELA Period 1 28 March 2018 To Kill A Mockingbird The novel To Kill A Mockingbird is a masterpiece that was transformed from Nell Harper Lee’s own experiences into a timeless creation of literature. Many novels written from a child’s perspective have a coming of age aspect to it. In the instance of To Kill A Mockingbird, the passage that portrays the utmost growth in the main character Scout is

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1241 words - 5 pages Free Grace Jackson ENGL *1080 Faron Wade-Lang March 22nd, 2019 “Undermining Superiority Using Satire” “Satyr which is most useful, and gives the least offence: which instead of lashing, laughs Men out of their Follies, and Vices” (Swift, 1738). These are accurate words written by the author of ​Gulliver’s Travels​ Johnathan Swift. In his novel, Swift attempts to use satire to contradict the Enlightenment Era’s ideologies. By focusing on examples of

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3357 words - 14 pages Analyzing a Good and/or Important Movie Hidden Figures ENG 4U Mr. Dobson Madeline Hopkins Monday, September 25, 2017 Hidden Figures is a good and important movie that exemplifies the capabilities of women, and men of all colours by breaking racial, male, and female stereotypes that have been problematic for decades. Throughout the movie, as we follow the three protagonists, in pursuit of gender, as well as, racial equality, numerous stereotypes

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1116 words - 5 pages Albert Yang Writing I: Section #67 Essay #1: Final Draft 10/12/2017 My Piano As all my friends and families know, I am a passionate piano lover. Whenever some friends or relatives come to my home, I perform my best music to show my hospitality instead of offering them a good meal or exciting parties. Everybody enjoys my performance, so they give me a nickname, the “Little Liszt.” I love my piano very much, but our relationship is more

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945 words - 4 pages Guide to servicing your boiler Thomas Hott Instructor: Ben Swimm WRTG 110 21 September 2018 Explanation (Essay #2) Do you want to save money, or do you want to prepare yourself for the long Alaskan winter. Then this is one paper that you don’t want to miss out on. By the time you finish reading this simple essay you should be able to not only service your boiler, but feel confidant that your heat in your house will last through the winter and

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681 words - 3 pages Studying a language is a hard thing to do. Many people want to learn a new language. It may be important for their job or school. There are many ways to study a new language. Some people like to study a language in their home country. Other people may prefer to study a language abroad outside their own country. I personally prefer to study a language abroad. There are several reasons why I prefer to study abroad. When you study abroad it can be

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686 words - 3 pages Henry James Style Analysis Henry James’ fictional piece, “The Funeral” expresses tones of both sardonic pleasure and condescension to accentuate his haughty perspective on the pitiful, humble proletariats who grieve for a deceased man. During the ceremony, the narrator refuses to acknowledge the service as a tragedy but as a comedy. While lacking compassion and fulfilled with an egotistical mindset, the narrator ridicules and scrutinizes the

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620 words - 3 pages Justice. In conclusion EA 2.1 Compare/Contrast Rubric Rubric Categories Exemplary, 4 Proficient, 3 Emerging, 2 Incomplete, 1 Ideas 1 maintains a focused thesis in response to one of the prompts responds to one of the prompts with a clear thesis has an unclear or unrelated thesis The essay has no obvious thesis Ideas2 develops ideas thoroughly with relevant supporting details, facts, and evidence develops ideas adequately with supporting details, facts

It is an essay analyzing two articles written about youth activism - Middle school reading assignment - Essay

606 words - 3 pages the core reason for everything that Malala Yousafzai is doing. Her main reason for everything she has done as an activist is for the education of children all over the world. Terrazzano used quotes very scarcely when writing her article but the one quote she did use gave a nickname for people who use facebook to aide in their activism which labeled the act as “Facebook Activism”. Ethos, pathos and logos the three elements used for persuasion

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1682 words - 7 pages Katie Hillman Professor Fisher Writing for College - Civic Engagement 3/8/18 Formal Essay 1 Sex Education: A Conversation We Can No Longer Avoid Imagine that your first exposure to sex education is a woman being compared to a pair of dirty gym sneakers, a used toothbrush, or a piece of chewed up gum because she engaged in healthy sexual activity before marriage. The red lights are flashing, and the warning signs are going off in your head. The

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1487 words - 6 pages I chose not to steal because I thought stealing was unconditionally immoral, I would be following my motive of duty and considered good from a deontological point of view. There are certain categorical imperatives that are concluded from Kant’s writing that each action must follow. First, an individual must be able to universalize their maxim. Each action must also treat every individual as an end not a means to an end. 2 Another extreme example