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Make sure to choose a meaningful person, place, or thing. Before you begin your paragraph, you have to be sure to pick something that is worth describing. If you want to describe a character, make sure the person is interesting in some way. If you want to describe an object, make sure it has some deeper meaning beyond itself so you have enough to write about. If you pick a place, make sure you can describe it in a unique way that can capture a reader's attention.For example, in the opening pages of The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield describes a baseball mitt. The mitt itself is not that remarkable, but he describes it in a way that fills ...view middle of the document...

Introduce the person, place, or thing you are describing. If you want to get the reader's attention, then you should let him or her know what you're describing as soon as possible instead of leaving them guessing. Here is an example of some opening lines in a descriptive paragraph:Natasha's basement was our sanctuary. I return to it in my best dreams and wake up feeling like I could die happy.These opening sentences introduce the subject that is being described, the basement of the narrator's friend. They make it clear that this place is very important to the narrator.Engage your reader's sense of sight. You can start with what the reader can see and appeal to his or her sense of sight to help introduce the object. Since sight is the most helpful sense, any good descriptive paragraph must first discuss what the writer wants the reader to visualize. Using strong adjectives to illustrate your scene, moment, experience or item to the reader will help provide a visual picture in your reader's mind. Keep in mind that, while adjectives can help convey a sense of the subject, overusing them can lead to boring, overwrought writing. Here's an example of the opening of a descriptive paragraph:Even today I could paint a perfect picture of it, right up to the last piece of neglected pizza crust festering under the ping-pong table.Immediately, the reader is given a visual description of some things in the basement: old pizza crust and a ping-pong table. The reader is given a sense of a messy, chaotic place.


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387 words - 2 pages Free I make my way towards the hole in the fence. It's overgrown with vines and leaves. This is one of the many entrances to Curtis Wright, an abandoned factory located in the middle of the woods that my friends and I often frequent. The path to the factories is covered with brown leaves, and I struggle to keep from slipping as I walk. By now all the trees are leafless, which helps me see farther down the path. I approach my destination, an empty

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1280 words - 6 pages the conscious aspect of the mind serving as a link between the id and the external world. Freud states that instincts are the ultimate cause of all behavior. The instincts are made up of two key parts, the instinct to love and destruction. The purpose of the former being to unify and of the latter to undo connections. The two instincts can either operate against each other through repulsion or combine with each other through attraction (Freud

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1119 words - 5 pages Free Description Essay (Savannah Bales) Description Essay Description Essay (Savannah Bales) Amber S. Evans Abstract Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure to meet Savannah Bales. Savannah is a very outgoing person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She was once a resident of Washington but her and her family moved to South Carolina to start a business. Savannah has a big heart and would do anything to help a person out

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926 words - 4 pages Surname 1 Alyia Goudeau Professor Hunter Approaches to Lit September 17, 2018 The Use of Irony in the Text A rose for Emily. A rose for Emily is a literature text that depicts several themes or occurrences that are applicable in the modern society. The story is about Emily Grierson, a lady who is greatly isolated by the community that she lives with. The story is based on Emily's way of life and especially her love life. The troubles or the

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1700 words - 7 pages , LLC, and Vic's Biscuits & Burgers, Inc. or its commonly owned affiliates (“KFC”), I agree as follows: 1. I will not disclose to anyone, other than offices or employees of KFC, either during or subsequent to my employment with KFC, any confidential information or materials relating to the business of KFC. For this purpose, confidential information or materials includes any information or materials not generally known or available to the public

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867 words - 4 pages spam in your inbox, is SCI/IIIS and its dozens of co-located conferences (check out the very broad conference description on the WMSCI 2005 website). There's also a list of known bogus conferences. Using SCIgen to generate submissions for conferences like this gives us pleasure to no end. In fact, one of our papers was accepted to SCI 2005! See Examples for more details. We went to WMSCI 2005. Check out the talks and video. You can find more

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1407 words - 6 pages History of Nursing Nursing is an evolution. Starting from the 19th century through today nursing has changer drastically and is always changing. It is important to study the evolution of nursing because today most of the same principles are used but have just been expanded. It was women like Nightingale, Dock, Wald and Brewster who pushed nursing in the right direction to get I to the profession it is today. Starting with something like the

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1113 words - 5 pages Free Chafin 1 Jenna Chafin Enc 1102 Vince May 20, 2018 P1-EPR Author, William Faulkner shows literary realism in his Southern gothic reading, “A Rose for Emily”, which he has divided into five separate portions. In this engaging short story, Faulkner disguises the multiple diverse references he is inferring within this subtlety gruesome tale of a woman’s passing. Faulkner uses his unique flow of writing to connect a story with substantial real life

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434 words - 2 pages The lives of two men in one instance of their lives is as great as any other moment. At MITS corporate locale in Albuquerque, Paul Allen loaded the team's code onto the Altair. On the second try, the system booted and worked as planned. Bill Gates and Paul Allen moved to Albuquerque to help MITS with the Altar. In April, 1975, Gates and Allen founded the Microsoft Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Microsoft would sell its BASIC system to

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583 words - 3 pages stock manager with his workTill worker- there are 2 of these of workers at one till, 1 is mainly in charge whilst the other walks around in case of other assistance by other workers.Manager- Is in charge of the business, takes care of all the salary, and lets the Accountant deal with the payment. Has regular check ups on the company, i.e. stocks, sales, and is assisted by the Team manager/sEngineer- Maintains all the security, and all the computer

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711 words - 3 pages their neighborhood.Of course, one of the main things that these poems have in common with one another is their overall mild vulgarity in describing their dogs, as well as other dogs, shit. This is also a key humor point in both poems as well. Take for example the line in "Suburban" where Mr. Ciardi thinks to ask Mrs. Friar "Have you checked the rectal grooving for a positive I.D.?". By this of course he means to check the grooves in the dogs anus to

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500 words - 2 pages Government supported school never needed anything since its constitution is tied to not only Canada’s government, but also the English monarchy; both supplied separate things for the school, and closes in on the gaps the annual deficit creates (usually no more than $2500). The Church takes care of this, travel expenses for new arrivals of Staff, affiliates, businessmen, and children transported to the school, along with clothing. The government provides

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465 words - 2 pages pronounce so simple of a name incorrectly. It’s simple, straight to the point, without any fancy pronunciation. It’s dull, like a diamond lacking luster. Shelly reminds me of the beach, more specifically of the ocean and of the shells scattered across the sandy land. Shelly. The beach is shelly, filled with shells. Shelly is like the feeling of sand between my toes. I don’t like the sand. My name isn’t like my brother’s, as so often I’m reminded by him

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775 words - 4 pages Othello robbing him of dignity and power. Essentially, Shakespeare uses racial prejudice to juxtapose his leading characters, whereby the binaries of black and white and the relegation of the African race “what full-fortune does the thick lips owe” establishes a dramatically hostile environment for Othello and allows Iago to indulge in his own Machiavellian desire for power and control. In Act 1, Iago is seen as a dominant male character, a man with

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1529 words - 7 pages them. Nwoye related to their teachings and  wanted to join them. Okonkwo did not like them and just wanted them to leave so he  killed a messenger. Obierika did not like them as well but he did not react with violence,  he chose to ignore them so there would be peace between them.   The first character Okonkwo does not like change so when he sees everything that  has happened while he was exiled he just acted out on his anger. The quote “ Perhaps