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Xena Warrior Princess: Her Courage Will Change The World

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Table of ContentsPrefaceIntroductionHistorical ContextSapphic loveExamination of ReligionsClues of the Producer's True MessageAppendix A - Biography of XenaAppendix B - Biography of GabrielleAppendix C - Series DisclaimersXena: Warrior Princess is an hour-long action-adventure series filmed in and around Auckland, New Zealand, and produced by Renaissance Pictures. It is exclusively distributed in syndication in the United States by MCA-TV and internationally by MCA-TV International. The show premiered the week of September 4, 1995 as a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The final episode aired the week of June 17, 2001. The basic premise of the program is the continuing search for ...view middle of the document...

A six-season series that maintained a common thread of religious and sexual tolerance would require a tight-knit group with common belief systems.The setting of Xena Warrior Princess changes often. She travels around the eastern regions at will and at the behest of long-lost friends or enemies. Although much has been made of the conflicts in timing, clothing, tools, historical characterizations, the actual time of Xena's life does not need to be determined. Here are the clues we have:*Since iron is used in weapons, the time can't be significantly earlier than about 1500 B.C.*Sophocles (496-406 B.C.) is mentioned in DEATH IN CHAINS [#09], which places the series no later than about 380 B.C.*Hercules, a contemporary of Xena's, is generally believed to have died some 79 years before the start of the Trojan War, which would place the time period of the show somewhere around 1250 B.C.*There are several mentions of heroes of the Trojan War in BEWARE GREEKS BEARING GIFTS [#12] and THE RECKONING [#06], which would place things sometime after 1184 B.C., the traditional date of the end of the Trojan War.*Speaking of the Trojan War, Ulysses (aka Odysseus) took ten years to return home after the war ended, yet his homecoming, as portrayed in ULYSSES [#43], seemingly takes place not more than a year or so after BEWARE GREEKS.*In ATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF THE PERFORMING BARDS [#13], Gabby competed against Homer and Euripides in a barding contest. The three couldn't possibly have met; Euripides lived from 480 to 406 B.C., while Homer is believed to have lived no later than 700 B.C.*Both Hippocrates and Galen, who appear in IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? [#24] are historical figures. Hippocrates lived ca. 460-370 B.C., while Galen was born much later, around 129 A.D.*Goliath, the subject of GIANT KILLER [#27], was killed by David (1000-961 B.C.).*Julius Caesar (DESTINY [#36], THE DELIVERER [#50], WHEN IN ROME [#62]) lived from 102-44 BC, and was Roman besides.*Cleopatra (KING OF ASSASSINS [#54]) was born ca. 69 B.C., and had her fatal encounter with the asp in 31 B.C.*The British warrior queen Boadiccea (THE DELIVERER [#50]) staged her rebellion against the Romans in A.D. 60.; the real Boadiccea, however, did not fight Caesar (who was by then long dead), and was defeated by Rome.*Stonehenge, which in the Xenaverse is the collapsed ruins of Dahak's temple, was constructed ca. 1700-1500 B.C. No domed stone buildings (e.g., the temple) would have been constructed until at least the arrival of the Romans.*Xena is seen negotiating with a Phoenician trader for passage from Britannia to Greece in GABRIELLE'S HOPE [#51]. Trade routes from Carthage (home of the Phoenicians) had existed since ca. 450 B.C., but by the time that Carthage was razed by Rome (remember the salted earth?) in 146 B.C., trade had long ceased.*In THE DEBT [#52-53], Xena travels to the kingdom of Chin, where she encounters the Great Wall. Construction of the Great Wall was begun during the Ch'in...

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