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English 9 Honors Vocabulary—Quarter 2
Attached are the lists of vocabulary words for Quarter 2. On each vocabulary test, you will need to correctly identify the part of speech, spell, know synonyms and antonyms, and use the word in an original sentence that demonstrates the meaning of the word. These vocabulary words will appear on a summative test at the end of the quarter.
Unit One:
1. Abscond – v. to run off and hide
The thieves who absconded with several of the museum’s most valuable paintings have never been found.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
2. Access – n. approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase; v. to get at, obtain
Access to information on a seemingly unlimited number of topics is available over the internet.
You need a password in order to access your email account.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
3. Anarchy – n. a lack of government and law, confusion
In the final days of war, civilians may find themselves living in anarchy.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
4. Arduous – adj. hard to do, requiring much effort
No matter how carefully you plan for it, moving to a new home is an arduous chore.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
5. Auspicious – adj. favorable, fortunate
My parents describe the day that they first met as a most auspicious occasion.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
6. Biased – adj. favoring one side unduly, prejudiced
Athletes in certain sports complain that judges are biased towards particular competitors.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
7. Daunt – v. to overcome with fear, intimidate, to dishearten, discourage
Despite all its inherent dangers, space flight did not daunt the Mercury program astronauts.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
8. Disentangle – v. to free from tangles or complications
Rescuers worked for hours to disentangle a whale from the fishing net wrapped around its jaws.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
9. Fated – adj. determined in advance by destiny or fortune
The tragic outcome of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is fated from the play’s very first scene.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
10. Hoodwink – v. to mislead by tricks, deceive
Many sweepstakes offers hoodwink people into thinking they have already won big prizes.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
Unit Two
1. Inanimate – adj. not having life; without energy or spirit
Although fossils are inanimate, they hold many clues to life on Earth millions of years ago.
Synonyms: ___________________________ Antonyms: ___________________________
2. Incinerate – v. to burn to ashes
Because of environmental concer...

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