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Survey, Data, Charts, OH MY! Algebra I Fundamentals
NAME: Payton VAnSteenkiste
DATE: 4/17/17
Collecting and analyzing data helps people reflect on the past, understand the present and plan for the
future. Individually you will develop a research question on something that is relevant to you, design and
implement a survey to gather data using Google Forms and conduct analysis on the information you
collect using Google Spreadsheets. You will use a Project Form to help you manage your project and the
PROBLEM: ​What data to collect, from who and why is it important?
Begin by thinking of a question. “I wonder if….” or “How does…”. Make sure you question or
sample group isn’t biased. There are two types of questions you can pose.
The answer to your question has to be a number i.e How many times do you use your phone in
a day?
Question must have a limited amount of categories (5 max). i.e What is your favorite fast food
restaurant? Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s or KFCss
Biased question: ​A question that leads individuals towards a certain answer.
Biased sample: A sample not representative of entire population.
When a sample is used, it must be representative of the population that it represents and be
free of bias.
Keep in mind that the groups of people we can survey – family and friends, so your question
should be related to one or both of these groups.
Task: Enter Your Ideas for Research Questions in the boxes provided below.
How many times per day do you use Instagram?
How many times do you use snapchat a day?
Enter the Research Question that was approved:
How many times per day do you use Instagram?
How many times do you use snapchat a day?
PLAN: ​What do you need to do to conduct this research?
​Task: Answer the following questions
Who are you surveying? Friends
What is the total population
of your group? i.e population
of hawaii
What is your sample size?
My sample size is 25+ people.
What question(s) do you
need to ask in your survey?
(You may need to ask more
than one to obtain the
information you are looking
How many times do you use snapchat in one day?
How many times do you use Instagram in one day?
What do you think the results will be?
Snapchat: 25
Instagram: 15
I think that people use snapchat more times in a day than instagram.
Probability: ​(Location: Probability, Assignment 12)
Theoretical probability​ (snapchat) ​is defined to be the number of ways an event can occur
over the number of possible outcomes. The event is what you want to happen, so it is
considered a favorable outcome.
​_ 75 (most in a day)_​________________
86,400 seconds in a day
(Could open snap chat every second)
What is the theoretical probability of your prediction?
Experimental Probability​: The ratio of the number of ways an event does occur over the
number of possible outcomes
What is the experimental probability of your sur...

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