You Won't Believe It But Im A Robot School Story

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I’m A Robot
By: Nehal Bajaj
By Nehal Bajaj
I figured out that I was a human android a couple of years ago. I lived with my human parents, which at the time, I thought were my real parents. It was a sunny afternoon and I was cruising along the highway with my human family. I was listening to music on my phone, half awake and half asleep. Suddenly, out of the blue, we crashed, badly, into the car in front of us. I jerked up and was thrown down to the floor of the car. The car kept spinning and spinning and it threw me out. I fell on my knees and all I saw after that was blood.
I didn’t know it then, but my robot peers decided to take me back. They caused the car crash so I would understand my true identity. My human parents were, surprisingly fine, but I was losing blood quickly. So off to the hospital I went. I can still remember the shrieks and screams of my parents when they saw that instead of bones and muscles, I had wires. I was shocked, star bounded and horrified. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Before long, I was whisked to Georgia, in a cell to be experimented on. My parents didn’t even see me off. They were happy that I was gone. I would soon be forgotten. It was only a matter of time before I was nothing but junk.
My robot family came to the rescue a few hours later. I was taking a break after all the blood tests, respiration tests, and running. They thought that I was a toy. They would pull my hair and pinch my skin. It was pure torture. While I was laying down in a corner, I saw a shadow pass above me, but I ignored it. I had nobody on my side. I was a robot so I would never die. I would live the rest of my life rotting in this pris...


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