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Persuasive Essay Dan DuretteEng.12Young DriversYoung Drivers programs are an excellent way to not only learn how to drive, but learn how to drive safely. Programs in B.C. such as Drive Wise offer six three hour in-class sessions, and eight one hour in-car sessions. By the end of these lessons students know more keys about safe driving than anyone else on the road. Why isn't everyone in B.C sending their kids to young drivers? The answer is simple for these three reasons; the course is not made mandatory, it is not offered in school, and oh by the way... it costs over a grand!Teenage drivers in B.C accounted for twenty-six percent of car accidents in the province in 2007. How is it possible that over a quarter of all accidents that occurred in B.C two years ago all involved drivers from the ages 17-20? Perhaps they simply don't know how to drive. Only twenty-eight percent of teens take a young drivers course before they reach their 'New Driver' status. The bottom line is that the course is not made mandatory in B.C., and it needs to be. Take Alberta for example, we may criticize them for having such a low minimum driving age. At least a young driver's course is made mandatory for all students before they obtain the right to drive on their own. So how do we ensure that all teens are educated in B.C before they take their road test?The answer seems simple. Both my parents grew up in Saskatchewan. All grade ten students in their school took a mandatory young drivers course. This course was like any other and lasted the same amount of time. A similar course is offered today in most provinces in Canada for free, but not B.C. In our province most parents don't even think twice about NOT sending their kids to young drivers. The biggest reason for this is because it costs over one thousand dollars to do so. Therefore, even though the private programs in B.C do a terrific job of educating young drivers to drive safely, we need to abolish them and implement a course in our schools. This is the only way to ensure that all teens know how to drive safely. Otherwise seventy-five percent of new drivers on the road will have no clue about safe driving practices.In conclusion, if thirty years ago there was a course available for everyone to take free in other provinces, there should be one in B.C also. Yes Drive Wise is an excellent program and teaches very important driving practices. This however is not the key; the key is for everyone to be able to experience this course. Paying one-thousand dollars to learn how do drive safely is theft. Implementing a safe driving course in schools could in return save lives.


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1635 words - 7 pages society. One of the most common and dangerous behaviours adolescent possess is the use of mobile phones when driving. According to the National Safety Council, 1.2 million car crashes in 2013 involved drivers talking on the phone, and at least 341,000 involved text messaging. The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is one of the many campaigns in Australia that attempted to address the community concern of young adults using their mobile phones when

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446 words - 2 pages In Jordan , my country ,located in the middle east, the problem of traffic accidents started to appear as a serious issue in the late 1980s.Recently in Jordan, traffic accidents were considered the second leading cause of death.Children , young and elderly , have been exposed to an elevated pedestrian accident risk.Young drivers of ages less than 25 years old and elderly of ages over than 60 years old are involved in accident .Careless and

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1042 words - 5 pages Free some elderly drive responsively, elderly drivers should not be allowed on the road because they are the slowest drivers and slow drives are more likely to cause an accident than fast drivers. Today I’d like to talk to you about first, who mainly are classified as the elderly drivers, second why they are dangerous drivers, why some think they belong on the road moreso than young teenagers, and finally the statistics of my point. Body: I. Main Point

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655 words - 3 pages globalization, increasing regulation, growing environmental/energy concerns, rising fuel prices, rising commodity prices, calls for more safety initiatives, large taxation on automotive trade, manufacturing overcapacity, pressure on margins, and the changing socio-cultural influences. A key challenge for Volvo is to attract younger drivers to their car marque, as its target audience of 15 years ago is downsizing and migrating to smaller fuel-efficient

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1133 words - 5 pages Free dealers out of business and it would bring revenue to the government likealcohol and tobacco does. Some opposition to legalizing marijuana is that traffic fatalitieswould increase, and that more people like school teachers and bus drivers would besmoking legally purchased marijuana. They also believe that more young people wouldsmoke more marijuana.Marijuana is medicine and has been used as medicine for thousands of years totreat a wide variety of

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630 words - 3 pages with higher road safety ratings, leaving them more at risk of serious injury. · People who are employed in the blue-collar workforce are more likely to suffer serious injury, particularly in building and transport Groups at risk Certain Groups are which are more prone to injury than other Australians include: · ATSI (due to  higher rates for transport, violence, falls and drug related injuries) · Young children (due to drowning, poisoning

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2778 words - 12 pages would be back from her bitter sweet ride with the driving instructor, and then I would be next.         I looked out the window when I heard this car pull up, I saw a young woman in the drivers seat, and a older man sitting in the passenger seat. The small car paked in the spot right next to our Geo. The two got out, the older man holding a clip board lead the young girl in through the doors. They walked over to a waist-high desk, and a

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1166 words - 5 pages , instead of shelling our youths from the reality of drug abuse we should be critical in our analysis of why this subculture exists. Youth subcultures have specifically been noted for their prominent role in shaping drug use patterns and trends among young adults (Hebdige 1979; Perrone 2009). Almost in cult-like form, youths assemble and indulge in drugs while listening to their favorite music which encourages them to use more drugs. Rapper Fredo

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1403 words - 6 pages Airbags-Pop em' or Keep em'During the rainstorm, it's hard to see anything-especially when the downpour makes the windshield wipers work constantly. On this cold, dreary September night young two year old Mica is safely buckled in her child safety seat, which is attached to the passenger seat belt. Her older brother, Sean, quietly sleeps in the backseat while his mother drives the exhausted children home. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tall, 12

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1349 words - 6 pages Retailing in India came with evolutionary patterns from Kirana store to Super market. This sector was un-organized in the initial stage, and after that it carried forward by the textiles industries through the dealer model. Now it is growing as supermarket and hypermarket. The main drivers of the retail evolution in India are buying behavior of the customer, increase in disposable income of middle class, infrastructure development and changing

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1663 words - 7 pages Free you wanted a megaphone for a movement started and led by young people of color, you'd have a hard time to find a better one than Twitter, whose users distort younger and browner than the public, which often has the effect of magnifying that group's broad (things that are the most important) and fascinations. It's not a coincidence that the Twitter verse helped surface and magnify the stories of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Michael Brown

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1429 words - 6 pages Free poignant summary of the basis of the story using the ‘5W1H’, who – drivers and passengers; young children and infants, what- 7 car pile-up, when – 7pm Thursday night, where – M3, Brisbane, how – when he suddenly pounded the breaks, purposely providing the characteristics of the lead statement of the news report, which is handed to the reporter -Jasmin Harrington- who contributes the why – illegal phone use. This follows the generic structure to

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620 words - 3 pages Driving, in 2010, a high percentage of car accidents connected to drunk driving was observed among young people aged between 18-20 years. Respectively, if youths were officially allowed to consume alcohol from 18 years old, this index of car accidents would necessarily be much higher. Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that since establishing the drinking age of 21 in 1975, the number of car fatalities among 18-20-year

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2034 words - 9 pages . A notable bright spot is that in each geographic region, sports shoes has overall growth sales better than sportswear. Both in the US and European markets, consumers are willing to pay premium price, the market spent more on sports shoes. This is the same for European Big 5 countries. Female consumers are drivers for this trend in the worldwide market, paying more than the average price. While most consumers buy sports shoes but do not use as

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1652 words - 7 pages - Diabetes - Pain relief 2 COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE - Domestic and child abuse - Embarrassment and humiliation - Disturbing the general public - School community - Hospital staff & Paramedics ! Abusive patients - Hospital overflow - Jail overflow - Mental institution overflow - Dangerous drivers ! Accidents - Police being called out for substance and alcohol abuse - Finances ⇒ Drug abuser ⇒ Family ⇒ Government