Young Students Who Want To Adopt Children From Around The World Ivy Tech Community College/Comm 101 Persuasive Speech

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Young Students Who Want to Adopt Children from Around the World
How many of you know of a child who has been adopted, have any relatives that are in your family that have been adopted or maybe you’re the one that has been adopted into a family? There are a lot of young women out there in this world who have been in college for a year or two and some of them are just starting college when they are out of high school for the first time. Usually around this time young women start to conceive a baby together with their dating partner. The couple find out they are pregnant for the first time with their first newborn, this tends to be an exciting moment for young couple-to-be because they get to start forming a family together. “Couples who just gave birth to their first-born struggle with parenting the first couple months, where their parents try to jump in to help them and give them advice on how to raise their own child so young.” But for young couples who are still students in college trying to get pregnant with their dating partner, soon find out by their doctor that they can’t conceive a baby together. If the couple is in this situation, they need to know they’re not alone there are other options they can take to try and raise a family together. Adopting a child from another country is a good option because it opens up opportunities to the child, an alternative to childbirth, and it brings families closer together.
College students who can’t conceive with their partner could adopt children around the world because it opens up opportunities to the child and it will give student couples an experience of a lifetime on what it’s like to adopt children from a foreign country. In the article, ‘Why adopt from another country when there are so many kids here (in the U.S.)’, by Daniel Nehrbass the president of Nightlight Christian adoptions he states several reasons why adopting a child from a foreign country is a good thing. Some of the things he mentioned in the article is maybe that’s your calling, people adopt from other countries because there is a wider list of reasons that children enter institutional care, there is a case that children in other countries are in greater need. All orphaned children need someone, and this is their paramount need: at risk of death due to unclean water or malnutrition, at risk of death due to insufficient or no shelter, at risk of having no education or no economic opportunity, at risk of disease, even death by preventable disease, at greater risk of sex trafficking, at risk of being conscripted as child soldiers, at risk of being conscripted for child labor; and lastly students can choose intercountry adoption because it is almost always a clo...


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