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Tammy Castillo
For this essay I will be evaluating the nonverbal communication between me and my best friend when we interact with each other. I will be focusing on the oculesics, touch and time of our nonverbal communication.
My best friend is known as the outgoing one and I am the shy one. Anytime she meets someone she always gives the person direct eye contact in order to establish a relationship with them and interact with them. Meanwhile, I tend to shy away and not look at the person because I don’t want to interact with them or am too shy to, I know that if I give eye contact it may oblige them to interact with me.
I am a very shy person, so whenever I meet someone I tend to not give much eye contact; which is exactly how my first interaction with my best friend went. We met in middle school during homeroom, she’s very outgoing so she would always try to talk to me. Every time she talked to me she was very confident and would give me direct eye contact, her eyes would command involvement from me which encouraged me to interact with her more; meanwhile I would mostly look away and not make any direct eye contact. When we started to get to know each other more, I began to give more eye contact when we would speak and felt more comfortable. Every time I would see her in the morning, it would stimulate a positive arousal because I was happy to see her. I usually caught myself scanning the room in order to find her.
My best friend has very expressive eyes, so I can usually judge how she is feeling or trying to say by looking at her eyes. For example, if she is excited her eyes will usually widen up, if she feels uncomfortable they will widen up and she will start looking side to side as if she’s trying to find a way out, or if she is lying she will tend to avert her gaze. Si...


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