Yourmom Is What It Be Like On Gah Meadowseek Essay

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01:08:15.238 Error loading config file: C:\ProgramData\FPSMonitor\config.json : No such file or directory
01:08:15.263 User default locale: en-US
01:08:15.283 Set locale: en-US
01:08:15.302 ##### Software version: Build 4520 (13 Apr 2018) #####
01:08:15.611 Detected Windows 10 x64 (10.0 build 17134.1)
01:08:15.712 ---------------------------------------------------------------
01:08:15.862 Loading memory modules...
01:08:15.871 caption-text-plugin -> overlay caption-text-overlay
01:08:15.889 color-plugin -> overlay color-overlay
01:08:15.902 hotkeys-plugin -> ext hotkeys-editor-extension
01:08:15.916 image-plugin -> overlay image-overlay
01:08:15.929 sysinfo-plugin -> ext sysinfo-ext
01:08:15.937 sysinfo-plugin -> overlay sysinfo-overlay
01:08:15.945 sysinfo-plugin -> overlay sysinfo-chart-overlay
01:08:15.957 sysinfo-plugin -> ext sysinfo-alerts
01:08:15.968 sysinfo-plugin -> overlay sysinfo-bar-overlay
01:08:15.987 time-plugin -> overlay time-overlay
01:08:16.004 time-plugin -> overlay btc-overlay
01:08:16.025 Loading disk modules...
01:08:16.288 [ fpsmon32.exe]GameHook launcher build : Apr 13 2018
01:08:16.291 Set CaptureMode to: EVERYTHING
01:08:16.299 [ fpsmon32.exe]GameHook build : Apr 13 2018
01:08:16.590 [64 fpsmon64.exe]GameHook launcher build : Apr 13 2018
01:08:16.609 [64 fpsmon64.exe]GameHook build : Apr 13 2018
01:08:16.750 [ fpsmon32.exe]DXGI build 17134
01:08:16.759 [ fpsmon32.exe]32-bits graphics initialized
01:08:16.780 (render)Using adapter 00000000/000121D1 : AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series
01:08:16.789 (render)Feature level 11.0
01:08:19.122 [64 fpsmon64.exe]DXGI build 17134
01:08:19.130 [64 fpsmon64.exe]64-bits graphics initialized
01:08:19.143 ---------------------------------------------------------------
01:08:19.151 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) Initializing hardware information...
01:08:19.155 [64 chrome.exe] - Attached (10000), MedInt, WinVer: 10+
01:08:19.478 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) Initializing hardware with flags: HWINFO_CFG_IME_DISABLE HWINFO_CFG_GPU_I2C_DISABLE
01:08:21.250 [64 taskhostw.exe] - Attached (1716), MedInt, WinVer: 10+
01:08:21.692 [64 ctfmon.exe] - Attached (2916), HighInt, WinVer: 10+
01:08:21.898 [64 chrome.exe] - set DXGI hooks
01:08:21.953 [64 sihost.exe] - Attached (3568), MedInt, WinVer: 10+
01:08:26.581 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) DTS sensor will be used for CPU package temperature
01:08:26.654 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) Initialized
01:08:26.667 ---------------------------------------------------------------
01:08:26.675 [64 fpsmon64.exe](WMI)Initializing...
01:08:26.717 ---------------------------------------------------------------
01:08:26.726 (Sysinfo) Cannot initialize WMI
01:08:26.733 ---------------------------------------------------------------
01:08:26.734 [64 ...


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