Zero Tolerance Policy And Detention Centers - High School/ English - Essay

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Zachary Quinteros
12 November 2018
Have you ever hated the feeling of being alone? Currently there are multiple children feeling immense despair due to the prolonged absence of their parents. As of October 12th, 2018 there are still 250 children separated from their parents according to the Washington Post. The reason behind the separation is fueled by The Department of Homeland Security and their policy on prosecuting all immigrants; which is leading to an increase of captured and detained immigrants and their children. As stated, the inhumane separation of a child from their parent is a trauma that  increases anxiety and depression, a state of mind no child should be in.
Individuals in support of the Zero Tolerance Policy would argue that the inhumane conditions are derived from an unintended consequence due to follow-through regarding illegal immigration. A cite that has explained the unintended consequence of child abuse includes “resulting in the unnecessary placement of their children in the child welfare system”.(Cervantes, “Immigration Enforcement and Family Separation: Unintended Consequences for Children and Families”). Supporters could argue that this process has an unwanted consequence, but even if we do find common ground stating that there reasoning is sound it still doesn't make this policy correct. Children of all ages are suffering in inhumane facilities due to our mistake. That's why many bystanders today are concluding in the abolishment of this policy even with the unintended or intended consequence of this policy.
How inhumane are the facilities? What are the children's  living conditions? As of recently many articles have addressed this issue. One specifically being The Cut. “Reports have begun to emerge of horrifying conditions in these detention centers, several of which have been compared to jails” (Arnold, “What to Know About the Detention Centers for Immigrant Children”). This problem has been concluded as a jail. A practice that should never be instated  even for a free,democratic society like the U.S. Not to over exaggerate my opinions but other cities have established it as hell like community. Specifically AP news “They have spoken out loud and clear, and what they’ve said is they are experiencing enforced hunger, enforced dehydration, enforced sleeplessness,”said Peter Schey” (TAXIN, Immigrant Children Describe Treatment in Detention Centers.)  As stated previously these policies should not be permitted and currently the one behind it is Homeland Security and Donald Trump. Even with this inhane policy they continue to ensure its statement to keep punishing immigrants and detaining children.
So we have concluded that there are adverse physical effects on children then what about physiological. Lots of cites have been looking not to there physical but mental health some showing worry in the long term effect of the detention centers on children. , “they will face a lifetime of painful consequences from the terror and neglect they’ve suffered and continue to suffer every minute they continue to be kept from their families.” (Firestone, the dangers of separating children from parents.)
This continued trauma of separation and malnutrition is leading to a total corrupt broken and inhumane facility. To include multiple side effects that  have been tied trauma some being  depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD and PTSD. Which further concludes the severity of this
situation and how we have decided to handle it.
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