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The computer software GStreamer consists of a multimedia-framework written in the C programming language with the type-system based on GObject. GStreamer serves a host of multimedia applications, such as video-editors, streaming-media broadcasters, and media-players. Designed to operate cross-platform, it has worked on Linux (x86, PowerPC and ARM), Solaris (x86 and SPARC), Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and OS/400. GStreamer as free software uses the GNU Lesser General Public License.The GNOME desktop environment, the primary user of GStreamer technology, has included GStreamer since GNOME version 2.2 and encourages GNOME and GTK+ applications to use it. Other projects also use it, such as Phonon (KDE).GStreamer also operates in embedded devices like the Maemo environment from Nokia, which runs on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and its successor, the Nokia N800.

Project Details

AUDIENCE :developers DEVELOPMENT STATUS :beta LICENSE :gnu lesser general public license (lgpl) OPERATING SYSTEM :bsd Linux2 : posix : unix : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE :assembly C : USER INTERFACE :gnome K Desktop Environment :


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