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MediaWiki is a web-based wiki software application used by all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, all wikis hosted by Wikia, and many other wikis, including some of the largest and most popular ones. Originally developed to serve the needs of the free content Wikipedia encyclopedia, today it has also been deployed by companies as an internal knowledge management solution, and as a content management system. Notably, Novell uses it to operate several of its high traffic websites.MediaWiki is written in the PHP programming language, and can use either the MySQL or PostgreSQL relational database management system. Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, MediaWiki is free and open source software.

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AUDIENCE :system administrator LICENSE :gnu general public license (gpl) OPERATING SYSTEM :unix PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE :PHP USER INTERFACE :web-based


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WhizWiki: an Expert System written in RubyOnRails, allowing systems or users to access the...
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ErfurtWiki is a wiki written in PHP that is released into the public domain. It is designe...
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PmWiki is free wiki software written by Patrick R. Michaud in the PHP programming language...


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