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" is an office suite application , available for a number of different computer operating systems. It supports the OpenDocument standard for data interchange as its default file formats, as well as Microsoft Office '97-2003 formats, among many others. is based on StarOffice, an office suite developed by StarDivision and acquired by Sun Microsystems in August 1999. The source code of the suite was released in July 2000 with the aim of reducing the dominant market share of Microsoft Office by providing a free, open and high-quality alternative. is free software, available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Project Details

AUDIENCE :developers LICENSE :gnu lesser general public license (lgpl) OPERATING SYSTEM :os independent PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE :c++ USER INTERFACE :win32 gnome : newt : kde : LATEST VERSION :2.4.1 TITLE SYNONYMS OOo :


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