This is free Internet telephony that allows you to call other people on their computers or phones. It uses peer-to-peer technology to connect you with other Skype users. The program offers several features, including Skypeout calling from Skype to regular and mobile phones worldwide, free conference calling, and secure file transferring easy dialing ? instead of having to remember specific country codes, easily call landlines or cell phones worldwide by selecting the country of choice from a dropdown menu.***new in 2.5*** payments in Skype ? payment is now built into the Skype software, making it simpler to buy Skype credit, Skypeout minutes, ring tones from artists like madonna and more. Send short message service (sms) messages ? send a one-way sms message to any mobile phone number in the world by selecting a Skypeout contact, entering a mobile phone number or selecting a Skype contact?s mobile phone number in their profile. View outlook contacts ? quickly view outlook contacts in Skype and call directly using Skypeout, a call from Skype to traditional landlines or cell phones. improved conference calling ? instantly see who is talking on a conference call as the participant?s picture flashes when they begin to speak. Shared contact groups ? easily share contacts with friends and family and help them connect with other people; bring groups together with just one click of a button to start a group chat or conference call. Simplified registration ? create Skype accounts in one simple step. Automatic updates ? receive an automatic prompt to download the latest Skype software any time the product is upgraded. Call quality management ? lets users adjust and manage their computer environment and Internet connection to ensure they have the best possible call quality.

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OPERATING SYSTEM :win32 Mac OS X : Linux :


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