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The Squeak programming language is a Smalltalk implementation, derived directly from Smalltalk-80, by Smalltalk's originators during their time at Apple Computer and later, at Walt Disney Imagineering, where it was intended for use in internal Disney projects. It is object-oriented, class-based, and reflective. Squeak is available for many platforms, and programs produced on one platform run bit-identical on all other platforms. The Squeak system includes code for generating a new version of the virtual machine (VM) it runs on. It also includes a VM simulator written in itself (Squeak). For this reason, it is easily ported.

Project Details

AUDIENCE :developers DEVELOPMENT STATUS :production LICENSE :proprietary license OPERATING SYSTEM :os independent PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE :Smalltalk C : USER INTERFACE :x windows win32 : web-based : non-interactive (daemon) : mac os x : cocoa : Handheld :


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