LibreOffice 3.4.6 Released
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LibreOffice 3.4.6 Released
by Susan Linton - Mar. 22, 2012Comments (0)
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Today The Document Foundation released the last update to the 3.4 series of its popular office suite. Since the focus has been on 3.5 in the last months, this will conclude 3.4. This bug release was made available in order to allow organizations to migrate to 3.5 at their convenience.There is quite a healthy list of changes in the changelogs. Some of the more interesting include: + base   -- don't replace NULLs given by the database by type-default values   -- fix VIEWING: Crash when page preview after f4   -- make the refresh query filter NULL-safe   -- missing icons in Index Design dialog+ calc   -- fix stop abusing regular string token for XML import   -- fixed chart listener registration during ODS import   -- resolved Calc export to HTML with graphics failed   -- fixes lots of specific crash situations+ impress  -- do not create an empty slide when printing handouts+ libs-core   -- fix hyphenation attributes   -- ODF export: fix draw:fit-to-size+ libs-gui   -- fix support for embedded images for basic Dialogs   -- fix unfortunate name alias mixups with DejaVu fonts+ writer   -- cleaning up the tabs too early can cause loops   -- fix hilariously stupid stack guards   -- don't use an invalidated iterator   -- label PRINTING misplaced on paper sheetSee the full changelogs here and here. Download the new release here.Update:  The Register is reporting that sources at TDF have confirmed that a cloud version of LibreOffice will be ready in April.  In addition, the same article states an Android version is "well under way." Update 2:   Italo Vignoli has posted a bit of a clarification on the information published by The Register referenced above.  He said a Roadmap will be ready in April, not a finished product.  Android development is under way, but still far from complete.
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