Not Enough Ubuntu Yet?
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Not Enough Ubuntu Yet?
by Susan Linton - Oct. 13, 2011Comments (4)
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Boy, that Ubuntu, huh? No matter how much pleasure we derived from writing that Ubuntu users were leaving in droves or that Linux Mint kept moving up the DW PHR, it doesn't change the fact that Ubuntu is still big news. Is there a Website out there that didn't cover the Ubuntu 11.10 release? If you haven't seen enough Ubuntu coverage today yet, your Internet connection must have been down. Some professional sites had been working on their elaborate and grammatically correct full-length reviews for days ready for when the release was announced. Then you had that crowd that follows Ubuntu so closely that they actually notice when a single icon has changed in the nightlies and write a blog post about it. Release day is just another day to them. There are those that just hope to capitalize on the hype as well as true blue real life fanboi. Many from the latter will likely continue throughout the weekend.  The ones I feel sorry for are those whose bosses made them write something up on it.  Then there's everybody else...If you accidently slept through the day and missed it, here are some of the better links from the Ubuntu release day media frenzy: Ubuntu 11.10 Review : I take it back. Unity is cool.A tour of Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric OcelotUbuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Released [Screenshots & Video]Ubuntu Online Demo- Try Ubuntu Online Before Download7 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 11.1010 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 11.10Things You Should Do After Installing New Ubuntu 11.10Things to Tweak after Installing Ubuntu 11.1015 Things I Did After Installing New Ubuntu 11.10Ubuntu 11.10 Full Review, Video and Screenshots TourWhat's new in Ubuntu 11.10Ubuntu 11.10 is out: A quick look at what's newUbuntu 11.10 Released - See What's NewDreamy Ubuntu 11.10, the Oneiric Ocelot, slinks into viewUbuntu Community in Trouble?Ubuntu Linux 11.10: Unity comes of ageScreenshot Tour of Ubuntu 11.10Final Ubuntu 11.10 spiffs up Unity, adds ARM server supportIs Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Another Headache?Caveats In The Ubuntu 11.10 Graphics StackThe Buzz On the New UbuntuUbuntu Upgrade a Mixed Bag at Best And that doesn't include the howtos!
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by an anonymous user on Oct. 14, 2011Most of the mainstream media didnt cover Ubuntu at all.
IOS 5 has caught everybody's attention and heck still Windows 8 is making news.
Thanks for sharing the links.
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by an anonymous user on Oct. 14, 2011"No matter how much pleasure we derived from writing that Ubuntu users were leaving in droves [...]"
Having returned to Xubuntu after about a year with a rpm flavored Linux recently, I'm very satisfied with the level of maturity of Lucid one and a half years after it being released.
Mental note for future releases: Let two or three revisions pass before jumping on the bandwagon.
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by an anonymous user on Oct. 15, 2011"Is there a Website out there that didn't cover the Ubuntu 11.10 release?"
Yep, there are enough that didn't cover it and you know that... Like the sites from other distributions for example or sites related to them like my blog. ;)
Ubuntu/Canonical messed it up again, the problems with some HDA (High Definition Audio) cards are back after so many releases getting it right. That's a real bugger. Sound from both laptopspeakers and headphones at the same time (with the headphone plugged in).... i mean... Come on guys.
Doesn't matter anymore, i left Ubuntu anyway months ago and am happy with what i have now.
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by JD on Oct. 17, 2011"Then you had that crowd that follows Ubuntu so closely that they actually notice when a single icon has changed in the nightlies and write a blog post about it.."
OMG! That would so be OMGUbuntu! check them out! :) You can count on them to know nearly everything thats new! Its good to have a site like that Apple has like 50 of them.
On a side note, check out Gnome 3.2 fallback, you can get about 80% of the gnome2 functionality out of it I find. you need to do some tweaking and moving around of the widgets on the panel. (Though I'm giving unity another shot)
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