"Among The Sleep" Broke, Fedora 21 Branched, and LXLE

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 10, 2014

Today in Linux news, Adam Williamson posted that Fedora 21 has been branched off from Rawhide. GamingOnLinux is reporting that the wonderfully intriguing adventure game "Among the Sleep" is broken for most Linux users while Phoronix is reporting that Witcher 2 does. We have a review of LXLE as well as Katherine Noyes' 11 Ways LXLE "will make you forget all about XP." There's a wee bit of GNOME news and Andy Tannenbaum is retiring.

Adam Williamson today posted that Fedora 21 has been branched off from Rawhide. Those wishing to use 21 should follow the instructions posted to the mailing list by Williamson to disable Rawhide and follow 21. For those planning to move to Fedora 22, nothing is required - just keep using Rawhide. For the rest of us, this means Fedora 21 is now on its way to stabilization.

GamingOnLinux today posted that Linux users, mostly using NVIDIA graphic chips, are reporting that horror adventure Among The Sleep isn't working for them. Large artifacts are obscuring the playable view and developers have yet to post a fix. However, all is not lost, The Witcher 2 is beginning to shape up for Linux users.

Two stories on LXLE appeared on the radar this evening. First up, Katherine Noyes shares 11 things about LXLE "that will make you forget all about XP." This slideshow is obviously targeting Windows users, but check it out anyway (if it will work for you. It wouldn't in my Konqueror or Firefox.)

The second story is a review from LinuxUser & Developer. Gavin Thomas said, "It’s hard not to love LXLE, as it’s treading the line between resource efficiency and usability pretty well, and is borderline addictive when it comes to the DE." He gives it a 5 out 5 so go check out his specifics.

In other news:

* Minix creator Tannenbaum to retire

* GNOME 3.14 News | Week 15

* Allan Day: Sandboxed applications for GNOME