RHEL 5.11 Beta, Gaming News, and Fedora Playground

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 09, 2014

In today's Linux news, Red Hat announces the "beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11." Several gaming posts caught my attention and Ryan Lerch says try out new kernel features in the new Fedora kernel-playground. The first Linux.com Linux poetry contest winner was announced and his poem posted. And another Deepin review pops up.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta was announced today for those still running that branch. The announcement says, "While primarily focused on improving security and stability, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta provides additional enhancements to subscription management, debugging capabilities, and more." This is to be the final release for version 5 although security and bug fixes will continue until March 31, 2017.

The Linux.com poetry contest has seen its first winner. Alan Bruce bagged a free pass to LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America for his submission titled "btrfs." It begins, 'They call her "Butterface..."'

Ryan Lerch wrote today in Fedora Magazine that Josh Boyer yesterday announced Fedora's new kernel-playground. "Basically, this is a repo for users that want to try out some new and shiny (yet not ready for primetime) kernel features in Fedora." It will "roughly track Rawhide" and the kernels are almost guaranteed to crash, but check that out.

Linux Deepin 2014 got another review today, this time from non-techie Arindam Sen at Linuxed. He said while it's a pretty distribution, there are just too many bugs. It earned a 7.1 out of 10 from Sen, but read the entire review for specifics.

And finally today:

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