Bad Saved Games, Fedora Scheduling, and Scribbling

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 01, 2014

In tonight's Linux news, poster says "game saves are messing up our drives" - stop it! is reporting on discussions of changing Fedora release schedule. Jack Germain says Scribbleton creates a personal local wiki to store anything from notes to books and Opera 25 draws near.

A poster named Skully today said on, "Currently games seem to be saving wherever they like, it's making one hell of a mess. Heaven forbid I might want to ever backup all my savegames. Just trying to navigate my home folder to find something important is becoming extremely annoying." Then Skully shares just part of the adventure and concludes, "I try to keep my HDD nice and tidy, with everything in its place. I don't have my music collection splattered everywhere, it's all in my ~/Music. Pictures are all in ~/Pictures etc. Please someone FIX THIS."

It's become a running joke to poke fun at Fedora's continually slipping schedule and developers have been discussing the best way to fix it. Various ideas have been batted around once in a while but the latest one involves set release dates twice a year much like Ubuntu. According to, "Fedora developers are currently looking at doing releases the second Tuesdays in May and October." They think this would allow developers to get into a rhythm of sorts and it could go into effect as early as Fedora 22.

Jack M. Germain takes a look at Scribbleton, a note-taking link-making local-saving word processor/text editor/wiki. Germain says to think of it as "an easy-to-use database to create links between words, phrases and pages." He runs down its features along with the pros and cons and concludes, "The ability to use this product as a note-taking tool or personal wiki tool makes it an inviting concept to watch. [While] Scribbleton is not in the same class as applications like Zim, KeepNote and Take-Note, this latest alpha release shows that Scribbleton has some potential."

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