Valve Super Sale, Office Reunification, and elementary Reviews

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 26, 2014

In today's newsfeeds the elementary OS beta is getting good reviews. The Register says don't be disappointed that Ubuntu 14.10 is bring precious few new goodies. Both Bash bugs are now patched. Charles-H. Schulz blogs about reuniting LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice and Valve is giving Linux users 75% off all games.

The Bash bug duo in the news lately has been patched. Last night we reported the original Shellshock vulnerability was patched, but another related issue was identified. Today updated code was made available in most distribution repos. Experts are saying the repercussions could reverberate for quite some time as the vulnerable code had been in use for 12 years and some old servers run unattended and rarely updated, according to

Two elementary OS reviews sing praises for the recent development version of the Ubuntu-derivative today. The Register's Scott Gilbertson said, "What a nice update to last year's Luna release of Elementary Freya is shaping up to be. These tightly integrated desktop tools make Elementary one of the best looking, easiest-to-use Linux desktops around. [It] shows the level of polish the Elementary developers are aiming for." Gilbertson talks about all the things he loves in elementary OS and concludes, "If you're looking for great performance that doesn't sacrifice great user interface design to get it, Elementary makes a good choice." takes a look at what's new and improved in elementary OS 0.3 Beta 1 too, but finds an old issue still present.

Some are intrigued by the idea of reuniting LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice, but Charles-H. Schulz says it's probably not a good idea. There are issues with licenses and the ownership of AOO, as well as many other questions to consider. Schulz wonders who's repository would they use and what kind of "reunification" would it be? Would LibreOffice be merged into AOO, vise-versa, or equally? And, probably primarily, just "what is it we're trying to achieve?" In related news, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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