CAELinux, FSF Awards, Knowing Linux

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 10, 2014

Today in Linuxville, Jack Germain reviews CAELinux, a distribution with "specialized software for printing, graphical display, engineering and electronics." Elsewhere, Sam Varghese says the Linux community should have never buckled to Microsoft's UEFI Secure Boot pressure. And finally, Matt Hartley says tech journalists are always getting Linux technical details wrong.

Matt Hartley says tech journalists continue to spread misinformation about Linux and its software. He uses "Linux is difficult to install" as his first example saying writers are still saying that despite the fact that it isn't. He asked, "Why are so many tech writers claiming Linux is too difficult for the average user?" Check out Hartley's full article for his explanation and other ways tech writers get it wrong.

Linuxland's favorite curmudgeon, Sam Varghese, today said that Matthew Garrett got the FSF Award for the wrong reasons. The article really isn't about Garrett, Varghese is saying Linux and Linux vendors should have never given in to Microsoft's secure boot trap. He said, "Linux has no need of secure boot. If one buys a new computer/laptop that has secure boot turned on, one can simply turn it off and install any distribution of Linux." He says what should have been done is for "all the Linux distributions, plus other companies that depend on Linux for their profits, to band together under the Linux Foundation and use their combined clout to influence things with hardware vendors." See his full article for more.

LinuxInsider's Jack Germain reviewed CAELinux today and it's always nice to see a review on something different. He introduces CAELinux by saying:

The primary reason for adopting CAELinux is the specialized scientific and engineering computing tasks of its users. This distro comes packed with Linux versions of leading multiplatform programs that are workhorse tools. Specialized software includes dozens of titles for printing, graphical display, engineering and electronics. Even the caliber of office and computing accessories is impressive.

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