Canonical Unveils Ubuntu TV Concept at CES--A Platform to Watch

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 09, 2012

Last week, in the post "Canonical to Reveal Mystery Ubuntu-based Device at CES," I speculated that a new device or design designed to facilitate Ubuntu-driven smart televisions might arrive at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Well, CES is here, and as was promised in this short preview of the company's plans for the show, Canonical is demonstrating a new interface that intelligently integrates television and movie content. Canonical also had some other announcements at the show.

As The Telegraph reports:

"Made by British-based firm Canonical, Ubuntu TV is a free and open source interface that the company hopes manufacturers will build into forthcoming 'smart TVs'."

TechCrunch adds:

"The goal is to make Ubuntu TV the 'OS for your television', and not necessarily a set-top box. In that regard, Canonical is working with hardware partners to execute Ubuntu TV. It should be clear at this point that while Canonical has made great strides with it, Ubuntu TV it is not, yet, a finished product."

Ubuntu TV is apparently based on the Unity interface and is an open source platform that others will be able to modify and enhance. The Ubuntu TV site has a visual tour of the interface and much more information. As you can see, Canonical is clearly targeting big-screen televisions:

Also at CES, Canonical and AllGo Embedded Systems announced the availability of their Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solution that combines AllGo's Middlware with Canonical's Ubuntu IVI Remix operating system. It's a platform that promises to put Linux in many more cars. 

We previously reported on Canonical's target to bring Ubuntu to televisions and cars in this post, which includes some input on the topic from Mark Shuttleworth's blog.