Chrome 22 Out In Stable Version, Includes Gaming Enhancements

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 26, 2012

Google has released Chrome 22 in a final, stable version as the browser continues to grab substantial global market share. The release includes improvements for gamers, JavaScript performance enhancements, support for new, high-definition screens and more. Also this week, Google released a new version of Chrome for iOS that supports the iPhone 5. Here is more on what to expect in Chrome 22.

Chrome 22 is available now as a download for Windows, the Mac and Linux. As noted on eWeek:

"The latest Chrome 22 version also includes 24 bug fixes as well as Windows 8 enhancements and continuing improvements to the browser's interoperability with Apple's Retina screen technologies. The Retina screen support was first added in the previous version of Chrome, Version 21, back in August and is continuing to be polished."

The Chromium Blog also takes note of the many enhancements for gamers in the latest version of Chrome:

 "Today’s Chrome Stable release advances this effort with the inclusion of the Pointer Lock JavaScript API (often called Mouse Lock). Now, 3D applications such as first-person games can allow users to control their perspective naturally with the mouse, without moving outside the window or bumping into the edge of their screen. Try it out for yourself in this 3D, first-person shooter demo created by our friends at Mozilla."