Mozilla Delivers Beta of Its Persona Streamlined Sign-In Project

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 28, 2012

The Mozilla Foundation is out with a public beta of Persona, a browser-centric system for logging in to online sites that could do away with managing lots of usernames and passwords. Mozilla has been working with the idea of Personas online for a long time, ranging from schemes to customize browser skins and the like to streamlining online log-in processes. Mozilla claims that the new public beta can do a lot to simplify online identities.

Mozilla's Dan Mills has posted about Persona:

"This past year we’ve been building the core of a Web-scale identity system. We’ve been calling it BrowserID: our name both for the technology and the Mozilla service that implements the technology. Today we’d like to introduce Mozilla Persona, our new name for the complete Identity offering from Mozilla: a collection of components and experiences we’re designing to manage the whole of a user’s online identity with our core values of user control, safety, and convenience....Some of the things we’re planning: an identity dashboard, user data interconnect features, and more."

You can find the public beta and discussion of Persona here, including a video demonstration. Persona is ready to use for authentication on most major browsers, including mobile browsers. Persona also features an API, and Mozilla hopes that it can become a web standard for streamlined authentication.