Don't Use Ubuntu, Use Mint - or elementary

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 28, 2015

The top story today continued to be the GHOST vulnerability covered last night, probably because the name lends itself to cute headlines - most with a twist on "Ghost in the Machine." But elsewhere, the How-To-Geek said today that new users should stick to Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu. He's not the only one, Tech Drive-in today listed seven reasons he prefers elementary OS over Ubuntu. Despite all that, Michael Larabel today reported on the improved performance of Ubuntu 15.04 on newer machines.

Ubuntu was the go-to distribution for new users for years. Many disputed if that should be the case but, nevertheless, it was the case. Chris "The How-To-Geek" Hoffman today said that most new users would probably prefer a more traditional desktop than Ubuntu's Unity. After running down several issues with Unity, Hoffman said Mint is more awesome. After presenting his case, Hoffman concludes in part that "Linux Mint is focused on providing a polished desktop interface, while Canonical is chasing the unification of desktop and smartphone."

Not being Ubuntu's day, Manuel Jose from Tech Drive-in today posted the 7 reasons why I prefer elementary OS Freya over Ubuntu. One reason is the multiple virtual desktops implemented in Elementary OS. Ubuntu doesn't make multiple desktops available at all. He likes the application launcher, notifications, and performance better as well. Jose said he predicted elementary OS would be a hit, and today he believes it's come true.

Lest you think it's beat-up-on-Ubuntu day, Michael Larabel is reporting some good news for Ubuntu 15.04. He says the kernel that is to ship with 15.04 has lots of good stuff in it for Ubuntu user particular those with the new Intel Broadwell chips. He adds the version Mesa that'll ship will have support for the Broadwell graphics chip as well.

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