Eugeni Dodonov Sails Away, Quits Mandriva

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 06, 2011

It's strange how much of a community we have here around OSS and Linux (pardon my vernacular). Some say there isn't really a community, but it only takes a departure to prove them wrong. Today we say bye to Eugeni Dodonov, who is leaving Mandriva to pursue new adventures.

Now I don't know him. I've never met him and I don't think we've ever corresponded. But I know his name.  I've seen it hundred times at least.  I've written it a few. So, when you hear of their leaving, you feel a loss.

 I know this feeling. I've had it a few times before. Developers, commenters, bloggers/writers, the management types, the artistically talented.... they all come and go as bigger better things come along. We've even lost a few friends forever.  We all know someone that just disappeared without so much as a goodbye. I wonder what ever happened to ...what's his name?

There is a community. Hackers hack and take flak. Artists create beauty. Managers manage. Bloggers write and commenters comment. Names become familiar. Personalities began to emerge. Friendships form, rivalries rear, and animosities appear.

Remember that one packager that would try to fix juat about everything anyone complained about? How about that one writer that just drives you nuts? (Don't look at me!)

All that to say: Farewell Eugeni Dodonov. Good luck in whatever you do. Thanks for all the fish.