Fedora 22 Alpha, Bodhi 3.0 Review, & Ubuntu 15.04 Wallpapers

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 10, 2015

The newsfeeds were a virtual cornucopia today with several exciting headlines. First up, Fedora 22 Alpha was announced today and word has it it's in "great shape." Ubuntu switched to systemd and made their community wallpaper choices. Jim Lynch reviewed Bodhi 3.0 and Christine Hall spoke with Jeff Hoogland about the release. Justin Pot identified seven signs you may be ready to switch to Linux and Paul Venezia demonstrated how cool Bash still is.

Dennis Gilmore today announced the release of Fedora 22 Alpha saying, "Please take some time to download and try out the Alpha and make sure the things that are important to you are working well. If you find a bug, please report it." The Alpha is available in the three standard versions and several handy spins.

Some of the fresh updates include a redesigned notification system and a Wayland-using login screen. Fedora is moving away from X and the login screen is just the start. The GNOME version brings new themes and the KDE spin now features Plasma 5. The Beta is due April 14 and the Final is scheduled for May 19. See the announcement for individual download links.

Michael Larabel said today that he tested Fedora 22 Alpha and his experience was "very good." He added that it feels "very clean and an evolutionary step over Fedora 21." Larabel ran down a few upcoming features and included screenshots, so check that out.

Ubuntu was the subject of several headlines today as well. The Register reported on Ubuntu's switch to systemd yesterday saying that Ubuntu 15.04 will ship with it by default. The Reg is expecting users to storm the castle with torches and pitchforks, but Ubuntu is replacing their own homebrew init anyway. I suspect most Ubuntu users won't notice or care.

The Ubuntu Portal and Softpedia are reporting on the Ubuntu community wallpaper contest winners. Softpedia listed the winning details and The Portal posted thumbnail links. They are all available in a single file from Launchpad. In related news, Matt Hartley yesterday posted 15 Must Have Ubuntu Enhancements.

Elsewhere, Bodhi 3.0 got some press. Jim Lynch today reviewed it saying it is wonderful for those who are "true minimalists." He especially liked the Enlightenment window manager Bodhi includes. Over at FOSS Force Christine Hall yesterday posted her recent conversation with founder and lead developer Jeff Hoogland on Bodhi 3.0. He said Bodhi 3.0 is a big success and is well liked by loyal users and newcomers alike. Hoogland added he plans on developing more original native Enlightenment apps for future Bodhi releases.

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