Get Cooking With These Open Source Recipe Management Apps

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 19, 2009

When it comes to cooking apps, Mac OS X has SousChef and Windows has MasterCook. Not only can open source developers whip together good applications, it turns out some of them are also whizzes in the kitchen. Let's take a look at some appetizing open source cooking software to help keep your recipes and menus organized.

Gourmet Recipe Manager - Collect and organize recipes with this software, then use it to automatically generate shopping lists from the menus you select. Gourmet Recipe Manager also tracks nutritional information, import recipes from other apps, and exports in several different formats.

Taco Recipe Manager - Can't decide what to cook tonight? Tell Taco Recipe Manager what foods you have on hand and it spits back a list of suggestions on what to make. Populate the database with your own favorite recipes or pull them off the Internet to save for later.

Recipe Tools - This app does double duty in the kitchen. Use the Firefox addon to snag recipes from the Internet while you surf, then used the converter to convert data from one format to another. Perfect for importing recipes from MealMaster, MasterCook, and even Yahoo! Groups.

HMCsoft Recipe Database - Sometimes less is more so if you're looking for a barebones recipe database, this is it. Add a recipe by hand or import it from other software, then search it later by name, author, source, ingredients, and more.