GNOME wins GNOME, Year of Linux, and State of Gaming

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 11, 2014

The GNOME Foundation no sooner put out their cry for support when the offending party bowed out. Katherine Noyes explores 2015 as the year of Linux on the desktop. Jamie Watson tests a few distributions on his Acer Aspire E11 and reviews Pisi Linux 1.1.

Last night we linked to the post from GNOME launching a campaign to raise funds to oppose Groupon's trademark attempts. Groupon had named a new tablet and operating system GNOME and filed trademark applications for that name. The GNOME Foundation said not only has the name been in use by them for 17 years, but it also has been a registered trademark since 2006. Well today, GNOME announced that Groupon has discovered their error and have agreed to find new name for their product. So, seems one issue was resolved before we could even get all worked up.

The year of Linux on the desktop is an annual celebration of a once vivid dream. It's usually celebrated in the months of December and January each year and party goers debate why the upcoming year is definitely going to be it or why a couple of years ago was actually it. Others predict it will never ever happen while many claim every year is the year of Linux on the desktop. Anyway, see what folks are blogging this year about 2015 over at Katherine Noyes' Linux Blog Safari.

Jamie Watson today reported on his most recent distribution tests, this time openSUSE, Fedora, and Ubuntu on his Acer Aspire. While sailing wasn't as smooth as one might hope, he was able to get these distros booting on the UEFI system and, with proprietary drivers, the WiFi. See Watson's full write-up for all the details. Speaking of distro tests, here's a look at Pisi Linux 1.1.

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